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Voice Actors Play a Major Role in the Entertainment Industry


When you’re looking for a voice actor to help entertain your audience, do you equate believability with entertainment? The spectrum of applications this industry covers are as broad as the possibilities are varied. Mediums through which entertainment can be consumed include television, film, Internet, radio, music, live theatrical performances and more.

One of the most exciting things about using custom recorded voice overs is that you’ll be able to jazz your presentation, production or show up with specialized interpretations with the sound you’re looking for.

Common uses of voice over in entertainment include live announce, character voices for animated films, cartoons, talking toys, voice overs in video games (predominantly for console-based gaming systems and PCs) and many more applications for on camera films including documentary narration, ADR (automatic dialogue replacement), looping and of course the ever popular movie trailer voice over.

While it is said that some people could be entertained by Morgan Freeman simply reading the telephone book aloud, there are also jobs for people who sound like celebrities and can match their voices. Sound alikes find work in ADR and also in other areas of work that the original actor may not have time or wish to complete such as providing a voice match for the character’s role in a video game, for use on the web and other merchandise related to the film such as talking toys.

Another area you might not have thought of for entertainment in terms of voice over use is Text-To-Speech (TTS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and talking parking meters. The use of character voices here in addition to talent who can sound like celebrities is perhaps most notably used in London, UK. Companies such as TomTom own much of the GPS voice market so far as novelty goes but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for more.

Regardless of what you are using voice overs for in entertainment, know that the voice you choose will make an impact on your audience and reflect upon your brand and company. Hiring a professional voice actor, particularly for work produced for the purposes of entertainment, will help you to captivate your audience and deliver the quality of entertainment that most have become accustomed to.

Entertainment Industry Customer Success Stories

If you're still using the old method of calling in voice talent to your studio to record, sorry to say, but you're way behind in the new technology of voiceover recording.

Nadeem Mughal, Mughal Entertainment

Posting the job was easy and within several hours I heard from some of the best voice talent I have ever encountered.

Chicop Animation Arts

We were on an extremely tight deadline. We had less than two weeks to shoot, edit, and deliver the work. We needed to hire a professional voice over talent quickly and efficiently and the services Voices.com provides allowed us to do this.

Benjamin J. McElroy, McElroy Films

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Why Entertainment Industry Professionals Hire Voice Actors

The entertainment industry uses voice over artists for:

  • Live events
  • Announcing
  • Animation
  • Narrating documentary films
  • Automated dialogue replacement (ADR)
  • Film dubbing
  • Movie trailers
  • Podcasting
  • Video games

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