Cartoon Voice-Over

Cartoon Voice-Overs

Once considered something just for Saturday mornings, the cartoon has made great strides in the past few years. Today, cartoons are found not only on television, but all over the Internet and in several of the world's favorite mobile apps.

As more and more advertisers seek to incorporate cartoons into their marketing plans, many are struggling to answer this basic question: What makes for a great cartoon? Many people mistakenly assume that a good animator is enough to ensure a quality cartoon, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Sound plays every bit as important a role in a cartoon as animation, which is why a talented vocal artist is also essential to a successful cartoon project.

Cartoon Voice-Over Jobs

The first cartoons were voiced by their animators. Consider animation featuring Mickey Mouse voiced by none other than his creator, Walt Disney in Steamboat Willie. Animation spans many mediums including film, television, internet and mobile. Characters tend to pop up in a number of settings. The reach of cartoon characters is also expanding to a wide array of industries. Although they remain most prominent in industries related to children (i.e. education and toy manufacturing), cartoons are now taking over in sectors such as finance, manufacturing, health care and tech. Everyone wants to get animated these days. Just look at explainer videos and text-to-speech avatars to name two. In these industries, cartoons usually serve as advertising tools, although they may also be used in staff training videos as well.

Cartoon Voice-Over Talent

Above all else, the animation voice artist recording cartoon voice-overs must possess a wide vocal range. This is especially essential for voice-overs geared at kids and teens. For this reason, talent who can make their voices sound younger tend to be hired most often for this type of voice-over job. However, many older professionals have also been able to market their skills for use in cartoons and animations. The best cartoon voice-over candidate will have an energetic voice and plenty of inflection.

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