Bucharest, București, RO



  Bucharest, București, RO



English (North American), Romanian, French


Middle Aged, Senior, Young Adult

Special Skills

Animation, Audiobooks, Business, Documentaries, Educational, Internet Video, Movie Trailers, Podcasting, Radio, Videogames


ONLY around 6 Month and Half, when being in my 46 - 47 y.o., between 26 April 1996 - 19 October 1996, as "Voice-OVER" Ads Services PROVIDER, in the "TV - CASINO" Reality SHOW, from "Ame-Rom '38" - TV, the First EXPERIMENTAL Satelit TV Broadcasting in ROMANIA.
In October 1996 the "AmeRom '38"-Tv was CHANGED his LEGAL OWNER.
The NEW OWNER was DISMANTLED the HIGH TECH Emmission STATION's Devices in 3 New, TV-Broadcasting Stations and ONE, Musical RADIO Broadcasting Station, simultaneously he Was ERASED from the BROADCASTING Daily PROGRAMS' LIST, just OUR "TV - CASINO", as being..."LESS Serious";
The "TV - CASINO" Director with Some MATES of the TEAM were "migrated" at a PROVINCIAL, "CLUJ-NAPOCA"-TV BROADCASTING, excepting a Very Beautiful 6-th Studies' YEAR, Bucharest MEDICINE Facultee's Student-Girl, an Electronic (...SOUND...)ENGINEER, and MYSELF, the ADS-"Voice Over PROVIDER", because, as Any P.F.I.- P.F.A./romanian LEGAL ENTITY, I was Being Providing My (...MARKETING and Publicity, SALES Agent With COMMISSION, "DOOR to DOOR" COURIER, etc, ) SERVICES, just Simultaneously, for around 13 Bucharest Companies, and THAT's BECAUSE I was FORCED to Stay CLOSED to BUCHAREST, near 24h/24h/365 days/365 days !
NOW, as a 66+ Pensioneer, I am owning "MORE Personal Freedom", in order to Have "Flexible Business Contacts" for around 24h - 36 h, in the Entire ROMANIA !



I was attended "THEORETICAL Profile", 12 Classes Liceal Degree STUDIES, finished WITH "Bachelor DIPLOMA", in 1rst Session, in July 1969.
In December 1980 and December 1982, I becamed Certificate as TRANSLATOR for English ==> Romanian (...Physics, PALEO-Astronautics, Electrotechnics, Electronics, Medical, RAILS, NAVY, Aero- & SPACE, etc, TECHNICAL Fields...), and for French ==> Romanian (...BELETRISTICS, HYSTORY, ARCHAEOLOGY, PALEO-Astronautics, Electrotechnics, Electronics, Medical, RAILS, NAVY, Aero- & -SPACE, etc, TECHNICAL Fields...).
Between 1996 - 1998, as a MODEST, poor Self-Financed, romanian LEGALLY Authorised as Commercial AGENT, Negociated COMMISSIONS Based LEGAL SERVICES Provider, I was attended some "Without Frequency CLASSES, by Postal Mail", to The AMERICAN University BY MAIL "Mihail Eminescu" - New-York, the "SEMIOTICS Facultee", but, BEFORE sustaining the FINAL EXAMS, "Face to Face with Facultee's TEACHERS", at NEW-YORK Facultee's DESK, I was PUSHED in a "FORCED Lack of MONEY", just when I was IN Acute NEED of MINIMAL Amount of Some $50,000.00 (...or, MORE...), so as I MAY Become ENABLED to PAY Needed FEES and Obtaining Legal "GO and RETURN"-Travel's VISAS, as also, the "LEGAL, Minimal Hosting FEES in a SUMMER, New-York University's CAMPUS", the NEEDING Money for 25 - 30 Days FOOD, etc, and, from THAN to the NOWADAYS TIMES, IN The LAST 20 years, I was "prevented" to have LEGAL, Great, and RIGHT EARNINGS, just WITHOUT ANY LEGAL EXPLANATIONS, and, inclussively, I WAS "prevented" to CASH some LEGAL around $26,000,000.00 - $28,000,000.00, as Last 8 years' LEGAL Commissions from the ONLINE U.R.L. (Website hidden) -...the "(Website hidden)", a P.T.C. Advertising SITE, being..."sabordated" By His OWNERS, and, "alike" DEASAPPEARING in the INTERNET's "FOGS"... -, just ALL Of THIS, because, "apparently", SO WAS "Considered USEFUL", in order to "Forcing MYSELF to REMAIN just For EVER a Simple, Very Modest, ROMANIAN AVERAGE JOE", and NEVER More "DREAMING and HARD Trying" to..."Think BIG", as WAS Recommanding, just For YEARS AGO, the Modest Mr. Trump, so as, indirectly, "FORCING me BECOMING a NEW Planetary Financial DESPERADO", and "Resign Myself to Personally RECOVER My Prevented to Legally Obtaining...MONEY", just..."BY MAGICS' FORCES, and by Doing MAGICS' WOUNDARIES", as described in the Sci-Fi Novel of "HARRY POTTER", by "Copy and PASTE" the..."instructions" LEARNED and TESTED inside the Scotish Castle of "Hedge-HOGS", from the "3 & 1/4 PARALLEL Univers", by the "Harry Potter" charachter of the Lady J.K. Rollings' Novel, by THIS, "Forcing ME to UNCROACH Upon", both planetary Human States LEGAL Financial LAWS, as, SIMULTANEOUSLY, even the "Space-Times' Continuum's MAGICIANS' GUILDA's LAW " (...IT should become USEFULL...just "For WHOM ?"/aka..."QUID PROCUIT ?"...)...!
As VERY Normaly, I was REFUSED to Become an Average JOE-"Shirhan Shirkhan", in the "THOUSANDS of Years' WARRS", between the "Magicians GUILDA"/aka..."DEVAS-Gods DESCENDENTS", and "Terrestrial LAWS' Guilda", trying HONESTLY, in 66+ Human Fair EFFORTS, as my Grand-Grand FATHERS, Grand FATHERS (...both PATERN Branches as MATERN Branches...), as My FATHER and My MAMMY, etc, etc, etc., to EVITATE just ALL and Any of the "DAILY, POISONED Offers" !
NOW, at my 66+ "Young OLD" ("years old"...) by page's GOOD TURNS and Very Kind Internet OPPORTUNITIES, in a NEW, modern, "SYSIF Old GREEKS' Legends' CHARACHTER's Style", for Ever, Re-NEWED HARD Effort, I am TRYING, "Again and AGAIN", to "dismantelling" just Any of the "A-Temporal BAD Magician's SPELLINGS and Virtual VERNICKE Devices" ( described in the MORE than 7,000 years' Old hyndu LEGEND, entitled as "The BAD Magician and the FOR EVER YOUNG, Prince GANESHA"...), so as, In The Coming Years (...of the POSSIBLE, evolved, both HUMAN and Humanoide PEOPLES' "dream" of the Future's "UNITED STATES of the Terra PLANET", inclussively...), just ANY of the Planetary "Average JOE", when "FAIR Working Any LEGIT Financial, PLANTS, Literature, ARTS, etc, etc, etc...Fields... - MAY Receive the LEGAL Negociated SUM of COMMISSIONS, indifferently the LEGAL Resulted AMOUNT", without ANY of MINES "Hard Threats", For FEAR of "Risking to Become a NEW Guineea PIG alike Shirhan Shirkhan", in Some Planetary EXPERIMENTS of the Mysterious, DRUIDIC Priests' STYLE, "REALITY's FALSIFYING COMMITEE", ( described in "REALITY's FALSIFYERS", by Antoine Bello,...)or, MORE than Mysterious, "The SynARCHIC False Religious SECTA", wich..."OFFICIALLY Is NOT EXISTING, but IS ACTING by the BAD TURNS of His Best UNDERCOVERED MEMBERS at ALL LEVELS of the terrestrial Society from the Entire Space Time's Continuum", etc, etc, etc. !
I MAY to UNDERSTAND just NOTHING, in the "A-temporal BAD Magician's ATITUDE and Alterated MINDS...WORKS", wich Is PREFERING to SET One An Other, the HUMAN and Humanoide terrestrials from the WHOLE Space-Time's CONTINUUM, INSTEAD to EXPLAIN to US, his "partially" CREATION's IDEEAS, the "Improovement of the NORMAL Qualities", he "Is TRYING to IMPOSE US", by Imposing BOTH planetary SUFFERINGS, as also, "Financial, Erotic, Intelectual and FOOD's STARVATION" !
IF should IT Existing the Mysterious, planetary, so called "REALITY's FALSIFYING COMMITEE", I SHOULD Suggesting to his "BOARD's High CLERKS and to the TRIENAL PLANS' Authors" to ""Hard FALSIFY" just and ONLY..."Any ACCIDENTS, EARTHCAKES, T'Zu Na Mi, WARRS, PANDEMIAS, etc, involving LOSS of All Genres of HUMAN and Humanoide LIFES", by THIS NEW Orientation of General ATTITUDE, becoming Enabled to ASK and RECEIVE the QUALITY of "TOP Planetary INTEREST Organisation" and the LEGAL Social STATUTE !
IT should becoming some "Planetary, U.N.O.'s Activities Worldwide Monitoring and ASSISTING sort of DISCREET Institution", BUT, Granting to His Agents to CONTRIBUTING to the "WELL BE"-eing of ALL Planetary PEOPLES, by INVENTING, Prototyping, Experimenting and IMPLEMENTING, WORLDWIDE, the BEST and Very NECESSARY Devices, in ALL Fields of the Planetary SCIENCE and Technology, in ASTRONAUTICS, in GREEN Energy GENERATING, in HOUSE and INDUSTRIAL WASTES' Green PROCESSING, in HOME "Mobile GARDENS", or /and "Mobile HOMES With GARDENS", in planetary DRAUGHTS Repelling, etc, etc, etc !
By his planetary, MORE or LESS "Under-Covered" AGENTS of 1, 2, 3, 4 RANKS, and "Theyrs COACHES", a Such VERY GOOD ORGANISATED and Worldwide FINANCED planetary INSTITUTION, really, Should BE of the GREATEST, Social INTEREST, "IF"...Acting On the "Good Side FALSIFYING", and EVITATING by FAR, to "agree" just Any "ANY Infiltrations with MALTHUS DOC's FALSE Secta", and with Any Other, "Independent AGENTS of Any RANK, REALITY's FALSIFYING INITIATIVES, conducting to HUMAN and Humanoide LIFES' Loss", as DESCRIBED in the "1989 Romanian FALSE Revolution"-GATE's, for "only"...DISMANTELING a "1919 year's, BAHA I U L'Ah SECTA's Reality's FALSIFYING Initiative", conducting to the European and WORLDWIDE "Tybethano-FASCISTO-Ashraamisto-KAMUNIST Parties FOUNDATION", etc, etc, etc. !
The CONTEMPORARY, More WISE, "TRIENAL PLANS Authors and the BOARD's Staff", by the Good Turns of the INTERNET's Very EVOLVED FACILITIES, Should NEED to EXPOSE to the Planetary PEOPLES, At LEAST some "3 VARIANTA" of the "Trienal PLAN", asking, DEMOCRATICALY, for IMPROOVING IDEEAS, after, ADOPTING and APPLYING the BEST "varianta", so as, US, the Planetary HUMAN and Humanoide PEOPLES become ENABLED to "soft" EVOLVING, without BRUTAL "False Revolutions", "False and INUTILE WARRS", Aviare and Piggish "FLUU's PANDEMIAS", etc, provoking Both "Stock Exchanges SHOCKS", as HUMAN and Humanoide LIFES Losses, etc !
IF "Reciprocal AGREEING", a "66+ Young Old MAN", as Myself and LOT of OTHER "Real, terrestrial, HUMAN and Humanoide BEINGS", WE May LEGALLY Providing "Consultancy SERVICES", on "STRONG, Economic and Financial PRINCIPLES based" -...delivering adequate "INVOICES and RECEIPTS"...- especially to the "INNER Disciplinary COMITEE", of this MORE or LESS "mysterious", Planetary "discreete" INSTITUTION !
As about of "Realising a Good Side FALLSIFYING Project, BEFORE of My FAIR OFFER's become ADMITED", WELL, I'm VERY AFFRAID that I Was PROPOSED just LOT of "such" PROJECTS, but/and..."Some OTHER Agents of Different RANKS", were "IMPLEMENTED IT, MORE or LESS Modified, as PATENTS of Inventions INQUIRIES, and Received Financial REWARDS in the Last -...terrestrial...-30 years", just MORE or LESS "In My PLACE", by "Undisclosed -...YET !!!...- Motivations" !
Returning to My "Self-Educated INVENTOR's Background", I'm Very AFFRAID that ANY of MINES and OTHERS planetary Honest INVENTORS' Projects, are, EXACTLY, just "GOOD Side Falsifying COMMITTEE's PROJECTS", but, Both MYSELF as LOT of OTHER planetary INVENTORS, WE were "financially blocked", and "Mr. NOBODY, at His OWN WILL, just NEVER Implementing ANY of the INVENTIONS able to CONDUCT to Some GOOD Side, REALITY's Falsification", being "HARD Promoted" just "only" the Unic "BAD Side, REALITY's Falsifying" - Inventors and INVENTIONS !
"QUID Procuit ???"
I'm Very ASSURED that the actual Members of the "DISCIPLINARY Inner COMMITEE" will "discreetly" DOCUMENTING and REPORTING to the TOP STAFF of the planetary "REALITY's FALSIFYING Committee", my "Romanian LEGAL Entity's INTIMATION", about MORE than 800 years, ago, HARD THREATS of My LAST More than "81 GENERATIONS' Relatives", and Will PROVIDING the "LEGAL, Appropriate RECOVERY", for both My DADDY, My MUMMY, My OTHER Inutile IMPLICATED RELATIVES, as, ALSO, for MYSELF Inutile IMPOSED Threats and SUFFERINGS, agreeing To NOT More DISTURBING just ANY of My OTHER, PARALEL and LEGAL Activities of "TRADING, Marketing and Publicity, WEB & eDesign, DOOR to Door - Confidential COURIER, VOICE OVER Freelancer Self-Educated Actor's Services Provider, Freelancer PALEO-Astronautics Investigations' REPORTER, Translator, SCI-Fi Prose and Poetry WRITER, etc", as ALSO, to NOT MORE "Trying To IMPOSE BAD Matrimony" with "NON-Complementary WOMAN/Women", to NOT MORE "Blocking", both ME as My FEMININE Partners Of My PERSONAL Life, to HAVE CHILDREN by "Reciprocal AGREEMENT and LOVE", etc, etc, etc !
Excepting My "LAST but Not The LEAST", actual "VOICE OVER, very LEGAL Services"-Provider's ACTIVITIES, in My LEGAL Quality of "Romanian and Planetary, Authorised, Negociated COMMISSIONS Based, SERVICES Provider", I am RESERVING the LEGAL RIGHTS to Become INVOLVED in Any OTHER, planetary and Space-Time's Continuum's Legal OPPORTUNITIES !
As NORMALY, I am ALLWAYS Very DISPOSED to "Add some NEW ARROWS", in My Intelectual Skils' BAG, of LEGAL, "HONEST and Fair MONEY Hunter" !
With greatest consideration,
Barba Blanca


  • Microphone

    Commun, P.C. Audio-Headset.

  • Computer & Software

    1.8 Ghz, 2.5 Gb - RAM, 80 Gb - HDD, "NEC Mate"- 2010, Desktop P.C., with (..."Genuine", Hologram Label...) XP "Home Edition" SP3, and "AUDACITY"- FREE Edition.

  • Special Equipment

    Not YET.

  • Delivery Methods

    Online, by 110 Mb/s Permanent INTERNET CONNECTION LINK, 24h/24h, 365days/365 days.

  • Turnaround Time

    NORMALY, excepting some "Violent FLU" or "Respiratory VYROSE", or...OTHER "Force MAJEURE" - LESS Previsible FACTORS, for 200 words - 2.000 words VOLUME, in a Maximum of 24h - 48 hours. For URGENT Delays (with APPROPRIATE "SPEEDY Price Stimulation\

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