This is for an initial audition.

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Since we can't contact the voice seeker for questions about an initial audition, how can we obtain the information requested?
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You would have to Google for it.  Another good resource, if the product or client is known, is to visit the website or look for associated videos on YouTube where certain terms might be used, so you can hear what was done previously.  Other than that, look at what has been posted and take clues from there.  If it's pretty open, make two different choices, record part of the copy and present both.

I visited your site and I think you should add "Senior" to your voice range, as it will increase your leads and your voice can fit that category.
answered by deborahsalebutler (41,140 points)
Thanks so much Deborah!  Your answer has helped a lot.  I will definitely take your advice and add "Senior" to my profile!