What do the symboils on the jobs page stand for?

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the little green symbols on the jobs answered page
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Ear - Your audition was listened to.

Microphone - You submitted an audition, but it was not listened to (only seen on the Deleted page).

Thumbs Up - Your audition was liked by the client. This could be their way of shortlisting you, or bookmarking you for later reference.

Briefcase - This is a job you were specifically invited to. It may be private to only you, or you may have just been requested to submit.

Checkmark - This is a job that the client paid extra to promote to more voice actors.
answered by mlenti (18,460 points)
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An ear means it has been listened to, a thumbs-up means the client liked the read and the other symbol is a "promoted job" - wherein a client paid extra for the job to be posted faster and appear at the top of your feed.  That symbol will change to an ear or thumb if it has been listened to.  If a job has no symbol, it was not listed to, either because of the number of auditions posted (even with a good voice match score, others with the same score, who answer before you, go ahead of you in line), or the client dropped the job.
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