What is the best mic/preamp/mixer/recording software combo?

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I use the PreSonus Firestudio Project...firewire audio interface with 8 mic/line preamps built right in gives me room to grow. It comes with Studio One software, but I use Adobe Audition 3.0. I've been using the Audition/Cool Edit line for years and years and I'm just more comfortable with it.
answered by RickBrown (420 points)
Cool Edit Pro 2.0 is simple to use and has all that you will need. Now known as Adobe Audition.
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Mic choice is very individualized. What  person sounds good on or likes is unique to them.

I primarily use an older AKG C3000 not the newer 3000b which has a different sound. I also have a pair of Marshall V-69 tube mics.
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My MXL VO: 1-A studio condenser microphone is plugged into a CEntrance MicPort Pro, and I use Sony SoundForge recording software.
answered by paulstrikwerda (320 points)
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I don't think there's a magic bullet per se.  I use Adobe Audition for recording software because it's got good built in plugins and it's doesn't have the learning curve of, say, ProTools... mainly, it's what I used in radio and I'm fast on it.
You left out sound card, which is probably more important that the preamp and mixer.  If you have an Avalon plugged into a SoundBlaster Audigy, well......     I have a Focusrite Saffire audio interface, which has two really clean preamps, and multiple inputs and outputs which allow zero-latency monitoring and a really sweet software mixer that allows custom mapping of all those inputs and outputs (never know when you might need to record the audio off a You Tube vid or something).  My Blue Bluebird sounds sweet on it as does my Sure SM7B dynamic  (the Saffire has enough gain to drive the dynamic which is good, because not all interfaces do).
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