What are others' turnaround time per page on narration (and what is your average word count)?

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My experience has been that e-learning narration pays quite low per page.  Further, the word count is remarkably high.  What standards do others uphold in terms of how many words per page you will accept?  Also, how are you calculating your turnaround time per page of narration?
Thank you!!
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I stopped using per-page and use a per-word rate between .07 and .09 cents/word.  Turnaround time varies depending on the type of text.  Medical text or complicated industrial terms take longer, of course (I'd push for the higher rate).  I base my original quote on the amount of copy stated.  This includes one set of pickups based on my read.  Pickups based on copy changes are billed at the same per-word rate with a minimum $50 session fee.  Quoting fees for pickups helps keep a long project from becoming abusively long.  Often clients will take greater care with editing, if they know it will cost them to fix text changes or copy errors.  I settled on this method after several very long projects on which I tried different billing strategies (per-page, per-project etc.).  Hope you found this helpful.
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