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    History of Television

    The television is one of the most important inventions in the history of the world. It has become a staple in the lives of many people and many aspects of the world’s culture are taken from TV shows.

    Memorable Advertising Slogans

    An advertising slogan is a concise phrase that defines an advertising campaign. The most effective and catchy slogans are imprinted in the collective mindset of the masses so that they automatically associate the phrases with the products for the longest time.

    Guide To Advertising Terminology

    In the advertising and marketing profession, the terminology used to describe normal activities is different than those in other professions. Learn about advertisers and marketers unique lingo.

    10 Guinness World Records that Relate to Voice Overs

    The longest TV commercial was a commercial advertising Lipton Ice Tea Green lasted for 24 minutes and was broadcast by the Yorin television channel across the Netherlands in March 2005.

    Voices You Know On TV

    Seeing people from TV and being able to recognize them is one thing, however, it is much more of an acquired sense and talent to be able to identify the vocal talents of someone on the street as a member of the viewing audience.

    What's a Good Length for Ad Copy?

    When writing ad copy for a radio or television commercial it's easy to get carried away. How many words is enough? The short answer is enough to get the message across. Serves as TV Fix During the Writers Strike

    Hulu site is poised to be network television's answer to YouTube as well as a viable means of keeping fans of shows currently affected by the Writers Guild of America strike happy and served at their convenience online with content on demand... free of charge.

    Top Ten Presidential Speeches

    Over the course of history of the United States, U.S. Presidents have had some of the most memorable and powerful speeches.

    Who Are The Voices Behind Commercials?

    A list of the most famous stars who have served as voice actors for commercial advertisements including John Goodman, Julia Roberts, Kelsey Grammar and Queen Latifah.

    Who Voices The New Lexus Ads?

    Toyota chooses accomplished Hollywood actors James Sloyan and James Remar to voice television commercials for their luxury automobile brand, Lexus.

    Alicia Keys Guest Stars on The BackYardigans

    A special episode of The BackYardigans features Alicia Keys as the characters entertain you in a new outer space musical adventure called, "Mission to Mars".

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    I Landed 5 National Cable TV Commercials for Hannah Montana!

    They did actually post the leads for these a couple of weeks ago, but had already come to me directly to do the scratch for the video to the client.

    The Eurogamer TV Show

    Eurogamer TV meets the amazing voice behind Nintendo's finest. Hear Mario do Shakespeare, Star Wars and more in this unmissable interview!

    iPhone TV Commercial Voice

    You'll be happy to hear that one of your favorite actors from the hit sitcom "The Office" has landed the role as narrator for the Apple iPhone campaign on television.

    Previously On 24

    Although they are only three little words, they have made a significant impact on millions of television viewers around the world.

    Marvel's new animated series looks like a smash hit and Josh Keaton has already been initiated into the Marvel clan through voice over roles as Harry Osborn in two Spidey video games!

    Simon Cowell and Fearne Cotton Voice RSPCA Ad

    The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has teamed up with famous broadcast personalities Simon Cowell and Fearne Cotton to produce 90 second advertisements raising awareness for the RSPCA's efforts to rescue and "re-home" needy animals.