Hiring an Audiobook Narrator

By working with a professional voice talent or narrator you gain several advantages. First, many talent have narrated dozens of audiobooks and know what works, what doesn't and as a result, they can improve the quality of the recording as well as save you thousands of dollars.

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Furthermore, professionals have the artistic ability to bring your script to life by interpreting your script, emphasizing certain words and adding subtle touches such as humor, sarcasm and other performance characteristics you may like in the recording.

Finally, narrators work from fully-equipped recording studios so you can be sure that you'll be publishing a high-quality audio production. Recording studio equipment costs a minimum of $25,000 and well into the millions of dollars for high-end gear. Your audiobook can have the clean, professional sound at a fraction of the cost.

Like most people, you want to find the best voices possible, get the job done quickly and on budget. Posting a job on Voices.com, the online marketplace where you can search a global network of thousands of professional audiobook narrators, is the most efficient way to locate top tier narrators who will be interested in recording your audiobook.

Posting your job is free of charge at Voices.com. When creating your job posting, you can outline your audiobook requirements and attach your script. Within a few hours, you'll receive auditions and quotes for getting your audiobook recorded by a pro - quickly and cost-effectively. When you've found the right voice for the job, all you need to do is award your job to the talent of your choice to get the ball rolling.

Written by Stephanie Ciccarelli