eBusiness Resources

When you are doing business online, there are a whole different set of challenges and opportunities to consider than when operating a brick and mortar business in the physical world.

From getting your business up and running to sealing the deal, the web offers a fantastic variety of resources that will help you manage your business, connect with other people and make a profit.

These are just 100 eBusiness resources — but they’re among the best!

Business Planning

PlanHQ – Simple web based business plan software that makes you achieve your business plan, helps you build your business plan online and teaches you how to write a business plan.

Startup Business School – Flexible and secure business planning tool with easy-to-update sections,

expert video advice, questions & answers and exportable format.
Ultimate Business Plan for Voice Actors ” Shows you how to develop your voice over career, grow your business and get ahead in the voice over industry

eBusiness Platforms

Actionize – Contact management and project management rolled into one that includes an address book, tasks, networking, milestones, task & action tracking, and file management.

Averiware – A business management application suite that includes customer relationship management, sales force automation, accounting & financial management, ecommerce, supply chain management, and human resources.

Business IT Online – Free online small business applications including CalendarOnline, CashflowOnline, ContactsOnline, DocumentsOnline, and MarketingOnline.

Clevertools – Project management, invoices & estimates, timesheets, lead management, bug tracking and a whiteboard system rolled into one.

ContactOffice – Complete office data management, including email, contacts, documents, tasks, meetings, and more, in one centralized location.

CreativePro Office – The most complete set of online office management tools you’re likely to find at any price – and it’s completely free! Manage your team, clients, projects, invoices, events and quotes (coming soon) from one web-based application.

MyQuire – Networking and project tools in one environment that also includes online file storage, task management, group sharing, calendar and chat.

NetSuite – The leading integrated web-based business software suite, including Accounting software / ERP software, CRM software, and Ecommerce software.

OvoSuite – An online office suite that includes a calendar, document management, forums, user audits, file audits, voting, content management, RSS feeds and more.

Panthius eBusiness Suite – The Panthius eBusiness Suite provides you with a powerful, integrated set of tools for improving the productivity of your business.

SalesForce – More than the industry-leading customer relationship management platform, Salesforce provides an eBusiness platform that’s completely customizable, and with the AppExchange you can plug-in third part utilities such as Skype Conferences or Salesforce for Google Adwords.

Veetro – Say goodbye to running your business from Excel or Outlook. Veetro combines all the business tools you need into a single, access anywhere, web application.

WebAsyst – File management, photo management, a simple CRM, email marketing and newsletters, project management, issue tracker, notes & memos and pages for tutorials, manuals, etc. all in one centralized place.

WebOffice – Provides an entire platform for running your business, including a document manager, online calendar, meeting platform, email, task manager, database, discussion forum, contact list, expense reports, opinion polls, and more.

Customer Relationship Management

24SevenOffice – CRM and Collaboration systems for small and medium sized companies. Includes modules for accounting, CRM, Collaboration, e-mail and more.

BigContacts – BigContacts looks like it could be big indeed, as it offers a large selection of tools for individuals, teams and business users alike. $9.95/user/month.

ClientScribe – ClientScribe is the easiest way to keep track of customer activities, projects and notes. It’s a Web-based, simple-to-use system that you can access with any computer. $9.00/month for unlimited users.

Entellium – Your source for online CRM solutions, Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management Solutions. No annual contracts and 99.7% uptime guaranteed. $20.75/month.

Heap – Heap is designed to be simple. It has simple functions like messaging, calendars and contacts; but it ties them all together so you can see results. $9.00/month.

Highrise – Highrise is a shared contact manager that helps you keep track of who you talked to, what was said, and what to do next. $12.00/month.

Keepm – Create, manage and search an unlimited number of contacts, share contacts and export information about your contacts for free.

Pipeline Deals – A CRM tool with an easy-to-use notebook format that allows you to organize your files, notes, documents and more as well as manage your deals and prospects. $15.00/month.

Plaxo – Plaxo offers toolbars for major email clients and web browsers (at least in Beta release) to keep your address book updated across all the applications that you use.

ProjectStat.us – Simple Project Updates for Your Customers. Do you spend a lot of time answering phone calls or email from customers who want to know the latest details of updates at their convenience.

Relationals – Relationals is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) solution for the media industry. $65.00/user/month.

Relenta CRM – Relenta CRM is a small business CRM software designed to facilitate work of sales, marketing and customer services teams. $15.00/month.

Salesforce.com – On-demand customer relationship management that™s very full-featured and scalable to your organization™s size. $65.00/user/month.

SalesGenius – SalesGenius® lets individual sales professionals track how prospects respond to e-mails. There’s no programming or IT help required to get started.

SugarCRM – Commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM). CRM software for sales force automation and customer support deployed on demand or on site. $40.00/user/month.

vtiger – An open source CRM that™s focused mainly on small to medium sized businesses and features sales force automation, customer support & service, marketing automation, inventory management, and more.

Zoho CRM – On-demand Customer Relationship Management software for managing organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and orders. $12/month for 3 users.


9cays – Group email that creates a conversation between people, and archives that conversation on an easy to read web page.

Breeze – Create and send amazing email campaigns and then track their results.

BlueTie – BlueTie is the leading provider of hosted email services and online collaboration software for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Free and pro plans available.

DropSend – Send files up to 1GB in size, and back up all your files online.

Gmail – Google email application. Use your own domain name, then login to Gmail to pickup your email from any computer.

iContact – An Email Marketing and Surveying Application that makes it really easy to create, send, and track email newsletters, surveys, and autoresponders

Mailbigfile – A secure web based method of sending large files quickly and easily, without clogging up your email. Features anti-virus scanner. Send email attachments of up to 100MB.

Send6 – A leading digital delivery company serving both businesses and Individuals with innovative technology. Send large files in a branded system with delivery tracking.

Sproutit Mailroom – Mailroom is online software that allows your entire team to manage all your website email, respond to customer email faster, and make customer conversations more productive. That is, everything you need to deliver great customer service via email.

Telecommunications, Phone & Voicemail

Callwave Simplify your mobile communications by integrating your mobile phone and PC and with Internet fax without changing your number.

FreeConference – FreeConference.com offers a free service for you to meet by telephone with your customers, relatives or colleagues

Gaboogie – A conference call platform that calls you and your attendees so no one is late again.

Gizmo Call – Use your web browser to call mobile phones, … Simply type gizmocall.com/18005551212 into your browsers address bar.

GrandCentral – One phone number that will ring all of your phone lines and organize all of your voicemail into one mailbox. GrandCentral was recently acquired by Google.

Jajah – Web-activated telephony in a click! No download, no installation necessary. Use your normal phone – call anyone, anywhere (landline or mobile). Save up to 98% on your long distance.

Packet8 – Offers a complete hosted business phone system.

SKY-click – The first fully featured Video and Voice over IP call centre that enables companies of any size to start their click to call business. Create a call center for your business to take orders for only $10 per operator per month.

via:talk – Internet Phone Service specializing in Affordable Home and Business Broadband Phone Plans with many great features.

Vonage – Vonage is a leading provider of VoIP internet broadband telephone services. Vonage offers VoIP calling plans to home, residential and business customers.

Calendars & Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling – Allow your clients and customers to schedule appointments with you online.

Calendar Hub – Create an online calendar and either keep it private or publish it. You can also search published calendars to find new events to add to your own.

Epointment – Epointment.com is your online agenda. No internet at hand? Receive reminders by sms. Never again forget a birthday or an appointment.

Google Calendar – With Google Calendar, you can see your friends’ and family’s schedules right next to your own; quickly add events mentioned in Gmail conversation.

Team Collaboration & Online Workgroups

Campfire – Campfire is a simple web-based real-time group chat tool for business. It makes real-time communication with 2-60 people as simple as visiting a web page.

CentralDesktop – Simple project collaboration platform for business teams.

Comapping – Create mind maps that you can share with your colleagues using your browser.

Copper – Web-based project and task management that allows for commercial team collaboration.

Coventi Pages – Create documents and invite others to give you feedback.

Cozimo – Online collaboration on digital media, including images and video; archives a complete record of all content related communications, and has the ability to host live online review sessions.

cyn.in – A web platform for building, collaborating, managing and publishing content that offers solutions for knowledge management, document management, secure online file storage, group collaboration, digital asset management and more.

eProject – Project management software that integrates with Outlook.

HiveLive™s Hive Community 2.0 Platform – Allows your company or workgroup to manage and share information and allows for quick adaptation as needed.

Huddle – Share documents and ideas, plan projects, collaborate with others and manage multiple projects from one interface.

inventionDB – Project-blogging platform that allows anyone to build an online project portfolio and connect with multiple team members, project resources and more.

itensil – An online process modeler, wiki, document manager, process executer, content manager, collaboration tool, and more with a 100% web-based user interface that requires no plug-ins or desktop components.

Joyent Connector Collaboration Suite – Collaboration application suite that features search, tagging, and RSS feeds.

Kayuda – Allows businesses to collaborate on projects.

letsproveVO – A project management and team collaboration web application.

LooseStitch – Online outliner that allows you to share outlines you create.

mind42 – Collaborative web-based mind mapping.

MindQuarry – On-demand, open-source team collaboration platform.

Netcipia – A blog and wiki package designed for workgroup collaboration.

Octopz – Allows collaboration on a range of document types (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, video, audio, animations, Flash files, and more).

OpenTeams – Online hosted collaborative wiki aimed at creating a more entrepreneurial spirit at your company.

Pytagor – Online desktop and web collaboration platform that allows you to access your documents, bookmarks and more online from anywhere.

Synthetron – Brainstorming tool for large organizations that lets up to 1000 participants take part in structured collaborative sessions.

Teamspinner – Online collaboration platform that allows you to create a custom environment for your projects.

TeamWork Live – Secure web-based project management and collaboration that™s intuitive and promotes accountability among team members.

TheOpenDoc – An online collaboration space that allows registered users to create multiple workspaces (each can contain multiple text documents) and then invite multiple users to work on those documents.

TotoExpress – Online content delivery for creative professionals that enables collaboration on documents with clients.

Uhuroo – Online application for teams to share information and collaborate while keeping information secure but still available.

Vyew – A next-generation collaboration and web conferencing service.

WhoDo.es – Online project management that includes a workspace, document repository and journal.

wridea – Create categories to organize your ideas and create online brainstorming sessions.

Organization & Project Management

FlowChart – Offers you a way to create your flowchart online. No software install. No downloads. No Plugins required. Just sign up and start creating your

FunctionFox – Time and project tracking for creative professionals.

My Milemarker – Keep track of your mileage by telling them whenever you fuel up your car. You can also input your data from your phone of with Twitter.

sendPO – Purchase order tracking for any accounting system that provides confirmation that your PO was received.

Side Job Track – Job tracking, invoicing, project management and reporting that™s completely web-based and made specifically for part-time independent contractors.

Skemma – Business Process Management tool that allows companies to automate communications between departments and others, along with other tools.

Presentations & Document Management

authorSTREAM – Share your PowerPoint presentation online, and discover presentations that others have created.

Demofuse – Demofuse uses technology that gives you the ability to create tours directly in your browser without needing to download additional software.

Dimdim – Free open source web conferencing platform that allows you to show presentations, applications and your desktop to others over the Internet.

Foldera – a secure, web-based software on-demand service that simplifies the management, sharing and communications within your company.

Google Docs – Online document management that supports all the standard file formats including .doc, .xls, and .ppt then share documents with your business colleagues.

Koolwire – Create PDF files via email.

PDFescape – A new way to open PDF files. It allows you to open your PDF files right here on the web without downloading or installing any software.

PPTExchange – A marketplace where all of your PowerPoint presentations can be shared, exchanged and sold.

PreZentit – Create presentations online and then share and show them.

Scribd ” Upload any document and embed it onto your website using their innovative iPaper which simulates flipping through real paper.

Screencast-o-Matic – Screencast-O-Matic is the free and easy way to create a video recording of your screen (aka screencast) and upload it for free hosting all from your browser with no install!

SlideAware – Provide your audience with a ‘high touch’ experience by transforming standard documents into engaging, rich media materials.

SlideBurner – Share your slideshows (PowerPoint, OpenOffice) with your family, your friends, your colleagues, your clients, the world.

SlideShare – The best way to share your presentations with the world. Let your ideas reach a broad audience. Share publicly or privately

Spresent – Free alternative to PowerPoint that™s web-based and built with Flash.

Thumbstacks.com! – Make and share presentations online.

Viewbook – The professional way to manage and share your images online. Create clean looking online Portfolios, Photo albums and Slideshows.

Yugma – Free online collaboration with real-time desktop sharing, virtual meetings and more.

Zentation – Create online presentations with synchronized video and PowerPoint… for free!

Time Management & Tracking and Project Management

14Dayz – Time tracking for teams that includes project management and reports.

88 Miles – Unobtrusive time tracking that allows you to punch in and out of projects as you™re working, and includes on-screen timers that show you how much time you™ve clocked.

ActionThis – Web-based team management app that includes a centralized project management system as well as a way to keep track of work assignments and key business information.

Celoxis – Celoxis is a web based project management software to manage and track projects , time sheets, collaboration and workflow.

Clarizen – Web based, collaborative project management solution for your business. Clarizen allows you to effectively manage all your projects and resources.

Clocking IT – ClockingIT is a free to use hosted application, keeping track of all your tasks and the time you spend on them.

Emergent Task Timer – The Emergent Task Timer that follows David Seah™s The Printable CEO; includes a timer and breaks down tasks into fifteen minute bubbles.
Project Insight – Mid-range web based project management and collaboration software that™s intuitive and easy to use.

ProWorkflow – Web based project management, time tracking, task management to increase efficiency and individual accountability.

PunchyTime – Time tracking tool for creative companies that allows time tracking as you work instead of after the fact.

RescueTime – Increase your own productivity by seeing exactly how you spend your time.

Rotaboard – Organize and track employee work schedules.

SlimTimer – Create tasks and track your time on each one, and then share them with coworkers or your boss.

Tiktrac – Time management that also includes the ability for clients to login and view how the time they’re paying for is being used.

Timepost – A project timer that will automatically get all your projects and to-dos from different web project managers, saving you the hassle of having to re-enter things.

Time IQ – Track internal project, freelance & contractor time, and get daily, weekly & monthly reports.

TimmyOnTime – IM-based time management tool that works with MSN, AIM, GoogleTalk, and others and features reminders (it™ll even nudge you if you™re not working when you™re supposed to be).

Toggl – A free online timetracker that allows you to track your time anywhere and create team projects.

Advertising, Marketing and Publicity

ClearSMS – Web-based application for sending bulk SMS messages to your customers and contacts.

Confabb – Confabb is the largest database of conference information. Conference attendees can search, track, discuss and review conferences, sessions and speakers.

ConfirmIt – Online market research, survey software, and survey tools. Provides real-time analysis, question libraries, input validation.

EasyPost.ca – A mail service that will send to any address in Canada, and it™s free for a limited time.

eSnailer – Write a letter and have it sent via the U.S. Postal Service free of charge; you just have to accept one of their free offers (ads).

embracemobile – Enables you to create market research surveys that can be presented over mobile phones.
Headlight – Define, plan, execute and measure how effective your marketing efforts are online and offline.

Marketo – Marketo provides affordable, easy-to-use marketing automation software that helps B2B marketing professionals drive revenue and improve marketing campaigns.

Mobivity – Affordable mobile marketing solutions.

MyMediaRoom – A platform that allows organizations to publish their press releases, event announcements, blog and more on a dedicated website.

Postful – Send letters using email for only $.99 (for one full-color page).

Stenographr – Write a letter online and they™ll mail it to whoever you want for only $2.

vflyer – Create a standardized classified ad that can be used online or in print.

Zazzle – Create your own unique designs for T-Shirts, mugs, and more.
Zoomerang – Create online surveys, invite people to participate and analyze the results to improve your marketing efforts.

Human Resources

1time – Timesheet recording that also includes email reminders for employers who haven™t entered their timesheets, as well as project management with Basecamp integration.

CATS – A free, open source applicant tracking system that helps streamline your hiring process.

ClickTime – A web-based timesheet solution for tracking time on the internet with an optional desktop application. ClickTime is the easiest way to track employee time.

Clockspot – Web based time clock that allows employees to clock in and out from the internet or phone.

Harvest – Track what your employees are doing with their time and get graphical reports, all from a simple and usable interface.

Kudos – An employee recognition system that helps you recognize, reward, and retain good employees.

mindsalt – Easy to use time tracking and expense tracking online.
Pacific Timesheet – Web-based timesheets with an array of features to meet your requirements.

PayCycle – PayCycle automatically withholds payroll taxes and deductions from paychecks. Choose from a wide range of voluntary payroll deductions, such as insurance.

Perquest – Easy to use payroll system that™s simple to learn and is ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

TeleTimecard – Offers TeleTimeCard time and attendance tracking via telephone. Includes web-based reporting and payroll integration.
timeXchange – Manage the entire time-reporting process for your company online.

WhosOff – Free online staff vacation scheduler.

Zed Office – Welcome to Zed Office. Eliminate the need to re-key time sheets and expense claims into QuickBooks, now your employees and contractors can enter time and hours worked.

eCommerce Applications

Blinkcart – Shopping cart software that allows you to put a shopping cart on any page that supports html links or javascript code.

E-Junkie – Shopping cart & buy it now buttons that can be put on any website for selling downloads or tangible goods.

FlyingCart – Online store hosting that™s free, accepts all major credit cards, and is search engine optimized.

Kagi – A complete set of services for online business transactions.

Near-Time Premium – Set up commercial collaboration spaces, set your price, and then invite new members to pay for your knowledge and expertise.

uShops – Online channel for selling creative and niche products.

Vendio – Complete multi-channel online merchandising solution for eCommerce success.

Volusion – Complete ecommerce solution that includes product management and administration, shipping tools, credit card processing, live updates, and more.

WeSquare – Use Skype to market your time and make money with your knowledge.

Office Applications

Approver – Create, upload, review and share documents online with Approver.com.
Docly – An online word processor that has built-in copyright protection, and lets you set a price for others to purchase your work.

BuzzWord – Buzzword is a new full-featured online word processor.

GreenDOC – A simple online text editor with an environmental slant.

iNetWord – Another full-featured online word processor.

SmartSheet – Smartsheet is the easiest, fastest way to get things done. It functions like your online assistant, keeping track of all tasks, responsibilities and more.

Solodox – Collaborative document creation and editing as well as project management.

Writeboard – Sharable web-based text documents that allow you to roll back to previous edits and compare changes.

writewith – Group writing online that also features chat, task assignment and tracking.

xcellery – Allows multiple people to edit the same Excel file simultaneously for free.

YourDraft – An online word processor that allows you to create and share drafts without the need for registration.

Finance & Administration

BillingOrchard – Online billing software that maintains hourly billing time as well as flat fee or recurring billing.

Bill My Clients – A hassle-free way to create and print invoices (you can email them too) and send them via the USPS.

Blinksale – Create elegant invoices using professionally designed templates (or create your own) and send them to anyone with an email address.
Cashboard – Estimating, invoicing and time tracking for you, your employees and subcontractors.

DocuSign – Electronic signature services that allow you to get legally binding electronic signatures on your contracts.

EchoSign – A fast & easy way to get electronic contracts signed.

eSignForms – Online signature platform to make getting signed contracts easier.

Fluttervoice – Create invoices and send them to anyone with email.

FreshBooks – Online invoicing and time tracking that™s easy to use and free to try.

Honeypitch – A proposal automation solution that combines CRM and business productivity tools to allow you to quickly combine a presentation, proposal, estimate and contract that can be negotiated online.

Invoice Genie – Online invoicing, time tracking, contact management, scheduling and financial management software that™s simple and intuitive to use.

Invoices Made Easy – A free invoicing service that allows you to send invoices and have them paid online.

InvoicePlace – Invoicing, payment tracking and quoting from any computer with an internet connection.

invotrak – Track the invoices you send to clients for free.

LessAccounting – Ridiculously simple, intuitive accounting program that is just for accounting and nothing else.

PayPal – Online merchant account and merchant services with eBay integration.

Saasu – Complete online accounting suite with invoices, payroll, purchases, time sheets, inventory, customers, suppliers, prospects & employees.

SantexQ – Time reporting, task management and billing all handled from one place.

Sertifi – Electronic contract delivery and signing.

Simplifythis – Invoice your customers and get paid online.

Simplybill – Simplified invoice management without extra features that nobody uses anyway.

Simply Invoices – The simplest way to invoice your time from Basecamp.

The Invoice Machine – Create PDF invoices for free, without having to register or store information (unless you want to).

Time:59 – Web-based billing that includes time and expense tracking, as well as invoicing and accounts receivable.

Vebio – Online accounting designed for freelance professionals, independent contractors, and self-employed people.

Yozons Technology – Electronically sign your documents and forms online using digital signatures.

Xero – With Xero, you can be up and running in minutes, and slash the hours you spend every week on accounting administration. Try Xero today and reclaim your week

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  1. Nice collection indeed. Did you check out each site yourself? It would be great if you could tell what you personally use. For example, I love Gmail for e-mails and Wrike for project management. Both services integrate perfectly.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Your 100+ resource lists are great! Thanks for your tremendous efforts to help out those of us in this industry! You are doing a terrific job.
    Warm regards,
    Have fun!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Your 100+ resource lists are great! Thanks for your tremendous efforts to help out those of us in this industry! You are doing a terrific job.
    Warm regards,

  4. HyperOffice Collaboration Software certainly deserves to be on this list. It spans many of the areas listed above and brings all features in an integrated easy to use web based solution. You can find features for CRM, email, calendars and scheduling, project management, team collaboration, document management all rolled into one. Founded in 1998, it is also one of the most experienced players in the wen collaboration domain.

  5. My Screen Recorder Pro is an excellent screencasting tool. Records your screen and audio from the speakers or your voice from the microphone – or both simultaneously. The recordings are clear and look great when played back on your PC or uploaded to YouTube. It will record directly to AVI, WMV, MP4, or FLV. Just perfect for creating tutorials, demos, and presentations. Plus, there are no limits on recording length.

  6. Nice list, glad to see zoho made it on there, I’ve been using them for a few years. A couple new ones I’ve been trying out are https://www.hiveage.com/ and http://www.job-flex.com/. I like Hiveage because I really enjoy the finishing touch they put on the invoices. It gives them a much more professional look, and a couple of my clients have commented on it. The other one I like because I do a lot of contracting work and it’s nice to have an app that kind of does most of the work for me. Check them out if you’re still looking for more!


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