Have you ever had to deliver an audio file to a client and it was too large to send by email? Maybe you can identify with having to redo hours of voice over work because you didn’t back up your recordings remotely…
Both scenarios are common, and when time is of the essence, you don’t want to be stuck with either.
Wouldn’t it be grand if you had an online tool where you could send big files from and also back them up?
Consider these online file storage and delivery resources the next time you need to pack in more than a few megabytes.

4 Shared Free File Sharing – Online file sharing and storage – 5 GB free web space. Easy registration. File upload progressor. Multiple file transfer. Fast download.
Allmydata.com – Provides online backup, unlimited storage, and sharing for $4.99 a month.
Amazon S3 – Simple Storage provides unlimited storage to developers and online businesses – save cost and increase storage reliability.
Angelbackup.com – The safe and easy way to backup your data over the internet. Download our Remote Backup Software and protect your data. Prices as low as $1.95 for 2GB of automated backup.
Aruna Send – Send large files to anyone for free. The Aruna Send widget for Pageflakes lets you send files for free from your personalized Pageflakes homepage.
AxiFile – We host yourself, 100% free file hosting with a 150MB file size limit.
BackupRight – Online backup and remote backup services for business, professional, home, and personal use. They also have a free trial with no credit card and support Mac OS and Linux (Windows too of course).
Badongo – A free file hosting site that enables you to upload an unlimited amount of files, photos, video and music and to send to friends or business colleagues.
BIGfileupload – Free file and image web hosting. Share your files across the internet with an unlimited file life.
BigFilez – The best file hosting service! we provides free web space for your documents, pictures, music and movies. 50MB Download Limit
BigUpload – File stays on the server forever as long as it’s updated once every 30 days. 2000MB upload limit with file sharing options.
Blackbeard File Hosting – Share your music, documents with a 180 MB maximum file size. Files under the size of 50 MB will expire after 3 months of no download, larger files only 1 month.
BlogBackupOnline.com – Until now, backing up your blog was complicated and tedious. BlogBackupOnline provides an effortless way to backup, restore, and export your blog.

Boltfolio – So what’s BoltFolio? It’s a media-sharing site in the style of OurMedia, or perhaps the Flickr of everything.
Bonpoo – Solves large email attachment problems with FREE online file deliver service, sent via email. Files stay online for 10 days.
Boostfile – Upload files anonymously and distribute or publish them directly – you decide!
Box.net – Relaunching with free accounts, private beta ongoing now.
BOXSTr – Free file hosting with 10GB Online Data Storage and backup, unlimited downloads, uploads, file types and hotlinking.
Carbonite – Unlimited online backup for one flat fee. Free trial, no credit card required. Secure and encrypted for your privacy.
CloudDrive – Clean and direct user interface. Upload your essential files, up to 500 MB, that you want access to from anywhere for free.
CyberUpload – File Size Limit: 500MB Download Limit: Unlimited File Life: 7 Days (Deleted only if there is no download activity in 7 days)
Datapreserve.com – Data backup, remote and local, datapreserve, for small business and home offices, data protection, disaster recovery, HIPAA compliance.
Data File Host – Host your file free with Data File Host. Free, fast and reliable service. Files kept until no downloads have been processed for 30 days.
DF Deposit Files – DepositFiles has a zero-tolerance policy against ILLEGAL files. Store and exchange files with Depositfiles safely.
Diino – Secure online storage solution with 2GB of free storage & online backup over Internet. Free email, free blog, secure file sharing included.
DivShare – DivShare is the leader in professional document and media sharing. Unlimited uploads and downloads, and it’s free. Files stay online forever! No pop-up ads or spam and the servers are incredibly fast and reliable.
DotSpirit – Online file storage powered by phpNavigator featuring: 10GB disk space, multi-users, drag & drop multiple files/folders. Available in English and French. Free trial available.
DriveHQ – Free 1GB FTP hosting and a free 1GB web mailbox size and unlimited mailbox size using Outlook.
DropBoks – Simple web-based file cabinet gives you GB of free storage for uploading and downloading files. 1 GB Free.
Dropload – Web site lets you share an extra-large file with a friend up to 100MB for 7 days.
DropSend – Multiuser and Brandable DropSend plan – perfect for businesses. Click Here. Try DropSend for free – you’ll be up and running in less than 2 minutes.
Easy File Host – No hassle file transfers with 1GB limit.
Easy-Sharing – Free hosting that supported by online ads. It uses a cluster of fast dedicated servers to provide fast uploading and downloading of files.
EchoSign – For easily archiving your documents. E-mail in all your documents; EchoSign stores them; images them; turns them into PDFs; and makes them searchable for you – for free.
EggDisk – By far the best thing that has ever happened to me since file hosting begun! It offers 6-7GB of storage, 30-40 GB of bandwidth. All accounts get an amazing 6GB of free file storage and file sharing with registration. Free image sharing without registration. The anonymous service allows up to 20MB files, but with the registered service you can have up to 100MB filesizes.
Egnyte.com – Backup your files, store them securely, export them back to your computer in a crash. Share with co-workers for collaborative work.
ElephantDrive – Unlimited Online Storage – Automated, scheduled, and infinite online file storage and data backup service. By combining the power of grid computing infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services’ S3, proprietary storage optimization technology, and simple, clean design, ElephantDrive’s service allows all users to enjoy the same availability and performance as enterprise solutions, at a fraction of the cost.
eSnips – Get 5GB of free space to upload and share your files, photos, videos and music. eSnips.com 5GB free storage.
Fastmail – Great subscription email service with file storage; plans ranging from free (1MB limit, 10MB quota) to $40/yr (250 MB storange, 750 MB quota).
File123.com – Free online file storage and sharing from File123.com. Our web-based storage service enables you to save, browse, share, & retrieve files. 1GB of space for free, up to 10GB of backup for as low as $4.95 a month.
Fies-Upload.com – Lets you upload up to a 1GB file unlimited times and unlimited storage on their site, and you can do it using your favorite FTP program.
File Planet – Get the hottest free pc games, downloads, mods, demos, patches, and maps at FilePlanet.
FileBuffer – Max Upload size: 30 MB; Max File Lifetime: 30 days idle; Icon Bandwidth: unlimited.
FileCache – A perl module that enables the sharing of object data across processes via the filesystem.
Filecows – Free large file sharing service with no time limit.
Filedropr – Drag and drop files for download.
Fileegg – We help you to host and share you documents, music, movies, videos, pictures with your family & friends easily.
FileFactory – Offers free file and image hosting, as well as large email attachment service.
FileFront – Game Downloads from FileFront.com . Your source for Game Downloads on the Web .Only for video game related files.
Filegone – Powered by dedicated servers for fast reliable hosting.File upload limited by 25MB per file.
FileHD – File Size Limit: 60MB Download Limit: Unlimited File Life: 30 Days (Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days)
FileHost – A file storage service where you can upload all your files anonymously & easily share these files with your family, friends and messageboards.
FileOnDemand – High speed transfer for very large files, with advanced file management system.
FileWind.com – Provides free 500MB web space file hosting for your videos, movies, music, mp3, and more!
FileXoom – Fast & Free File Hosting for everyone. 1 step upload and simple instructions for uploading your files.
Filicio.us – A simple file storage service built using Amazon S3. You can use it to upload files, organize using tags and share with others
Flat File Host – Share your files. Free web space for your documents, pictures, music and movies. We host the Internet with a maximum file size of 250MB.
Fotoparked – German company that lets you upload your images free!
Freepository – Hosting of open source projects online, similar to sourceforge. Hosting server source code is available for download under the GPL.
FreeUploader – Share Files and Images Free Web Hosting. File Size Limit: 50MB.
FriendlyShare – Offers 5GB premium credits for only 1 EURO! File Size Limit: 50MB.
Fupload – Send big files for free at Fupload.com.
gDisk – Turns your GMail account into a portable hard drive so you can always have your important files accessible accross the Internet.
gDisk Tutorial – Tutorial from Symantec.
Giga Size – Free online file hosting. Host your large files with one click. The easiest way to upload, download and host files. Upload up to 10 files (300 MB per file MAXIMUM) at once using Quick Upload option to share files. Simply keep browsing for files and hitting upload until you’re ready to start uploading. Your files will be available for 45 days.
Gimehost – Free image hosting reviews and rating, from our directory to compare free hosting services providers.
GoDaddy.com – All paid plans, as low as $5.99 a year for 50MB, sync between multiple computers.
Grouper.com – Windows based application that allows sharing personal media within private groups.
How To Send Large Files – Tutorials on how to send large files.
HugeUploads – Free file storage and image hosting, with unlimited bandwidth and 500MB per file. You get unlimited downloads and uploads and protect your files with a password. We keep your files on our server for ever if you download the files within 30 days! No registration required.
Hyperupload – An online one click free hosting for any of your needs. There is no registration and no fees. There is nothing to install. File Size Limit: 10MB.
Imageshack – The ultimate image storage website. Allows images up to 1.5MB in size and allows hotlinking. Your images are available forever, and the site allows 100MB of transfer per hour. You can upload an unlimited amount of images with or without registering. Accepted file types are JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, and SWF.
Inbox.com – free 2GB webmail that includes Storage, Calendar & Tasks, and Notes.
iStorage – Iomega iStorage offers anywhere access to critical files, photos or business data. Securely collaborate, share, access & back up data from a PC or wireles device.
Jagbox – A place where you can share large files for free. Email them to whomever you like and set your own expiration times.
JumboFile – File Size Limit: 100MB Download Limit: Unknown File Life: Unknown
JungleDisk – An application that lets you store files and backup data securely to Amazon.com’s S3 â„¢ Storage Service.
JustUpit – There is no registration and no fees. Basic use requires no registration and is free of charge. There is nothing to install. File Size Limit: 120MB.
KeepMyFile – f you want to share an image or file but don’t have the bandwidth and web space, you have come to the right place. File Size Limit: 15MB.
Loadman – German online storage hoster with a fine selction of services and low prices.
Mailbigfile – A secure web based method of sending large files quickly and easily, without clogging up your email. Features anti-virus scanner with a file size limit of 1GB.
MediaFire – The simplest free file hosting service for businesses, professionals, and individuals to share files and images with others. You can also easily access your files from anywhere with a free account and your own “My Files” page.
MegaShares – This is your link hosting site. Our single session upload limit is 10GB (10,000 Megabytes!). This can be a single file up to 10GB, multiple files or a folder using our browser based custom uploader
Megaupload – Share your files quickly, securely, and easily. Megaupload provides free web space for your documents, pictures, music and movies.
MiHD – Share your files quickly, securely, and easily. Worlds most generous file web hosting service.
Momoshare – Upload and share files, videos, mp3, photos with MomoShare.com’s free file hosting service. Just browse and upload, and we’ll automatically generate a download link for you to share your files with. File Size Limit: 50MB.
Mooload – Free image hosting reviews and rating, from our directory to compare free hosting services providers. File Size Limit: 500MB.
Mozy – The industry-leading solution for online backup – back up your important files, photos, documents and more over the internet
Mp3Tunes – Offers an online music Locker which can be accessed from any computer or web-enabled device so you can enjoy your music at home, work or school.
My File Hut – All users will receive 250MB of Storage space free at cost. Users are also restricted to 10GB/month after staying with myFileHut.com after two weeks, the first two week as a new member you are restricted to 1GB/Week for the first two weeks.
MyBloop – Upload, share and host your files on MyBloop.com for FREE. Store pictures, music, videos, and files and send them to anyone in the world!
MyLivePage – Free 1GB File Storage For All. English And Russian Language Support.
MyOtherDrive.com – Provides Internet users the ability to store online and share videos, music, photos – any file. The site provides each user with 5GB of storage space that can be selectively shared. Unlike other online storage sites, MyOtherDrive allows you to upload files in bulk, not one by one like so many sites do. The uploaded files can be any size (up to 2GB).
myShareBox – Get instant access to the largest P2P networks. Find and download your favorite series (even old-time favorites) and get full episodes and seasons.
MyTempDir – An absolutely free dedicated web hosting service with no registration needed. It can be used to share your files across the internet
Nakido – Unlimited Upload & Download FREE Share your files to the Nakido community, blogs, forums, and emails. All Nakido members can share your files! 99GB per file limit, so forget the file size!
Nelsok.com Video/Media Upload – Allows users to upload videos. Also allows for creating movies/slide shows from video clips, sound files, and pictures. Users can put advertisements on their video viewing pages using googles adsense.
Netizen – Like FedEx for digital parcels. This Mozilla based Desktop app allows users to send huge files (over 4GB!) securely and quickly without bogging down email. Uses intelligent relaying to ensure reliable delivery of data. With an intelligent p2p architecture it doesn’t require massive hosting costs as other apps and sites do.
Now Upload – Upload a file for free media hosting! So you want to upload a picture or a video to share with your family and friends. No problem! Just upload it below! 200MB file size limit.
Omnidrive – Omnidrive is an advanced and secure free web online storage platform that allows you to access your files from anywhere as fast as accessing local files.
OneDump – OneDump is a straight-forward image, text and audio hosting solution that makes uploading and sharing files easy as never before. OneDump has got Lovely galleries, beautiful eye catching slideshows, the most simple interface to upload and manage your data. OneDump lets you host and link files, run stunning galleries/sheets and slideshows on your webpage with full freedom.
Openomy – An online file system. You can store files on Openomy and access them from any computer. Openomy organizes files and users via tag
OurMedia – Multimedia file host for audio, video, text, images, channels, creativity, producers, independent, videoblogging, blogging, social media, and internet archives.
ovodocs – Online virtual document storage that looks just like windows explorer. Want to access files 24 x 7? Answered yes? Create your Ovodocs today.
OxyShare Your Data Route – Update your friends and partners with new data. Host. We will host your video, audio, images and data files forever end ever
Pando – It’s simple, fast, and effective, and it solves the large-attachment problem. It’s a great solution to a vexing issue.
Picture9 Online Photo Albums – Create an online photo album, photo gallery or photo slideshow for FREE! Share your wedding, holiday or baby photos with friends and family.
QuickDump – File Size Limit: 100MB Download Limit: download bandwidth limit of 500MB per hour File Life: 30 Days (Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days)
QuickSharing – Quickly share your file with your friends and family for free, blazing fast speed and user friendly. Use quicksharing.com for free file hosting 500MB each.
RapidShare – Users can upload up to 100MB files for sharing. Provides downloads of 100 megs per hour on the free service. Premium service also available.
RapidUpload – Dedicated hosting & storage provider. Easily, securely, and quickly share your file online with instant storage backup system.
Rar Host – Although rarhost is free to use without signing up, users who use our service regularly may wish to sign-up to gain access to many more features.
RedHalo – The next generation managed learning platform for mobile devices supporting all the content creation and distribution needs of a mobile learning. Standard Edition provides 1Gb Free
Remote File CabiNET – An easy-to-use service that eliminates the security risks and productivity problems associated with email. Just insert and manage files online using a Windows.
SaveFile – This service can be used for uploading files up to … Savefile is completly free to use, hope you will enjoy our service. There is a 60MB file size limit and files are deleted if there is no download activity in 14 days)
SceneWorld – Web hosting by Hiway Technologies, Inc., the world’s largest hosting provider. File Size Limit: 50MB.
Send File – Send & receive files! Instant full speed access. • No software training required. Plus a ton of features! File Size Limit: 40MB.
SendAlong – Should sending big files be hard? We don’t think so either. Stop fighting with email – SendAlong is different. Send files of any size to anyone. Send up to 1GB for free.
SendMeFile – SendMeFile is a top file hosting solutionthat is fast , free and secure , with no need to register! Simply upload your file and it will be stored for 14 days.
SendOver – A free file transfer service specializing in large files (up to 2 GB!) that cannot be sent by normal email.
SendSpace – The best way to send large files too big for email attachments to friends, family and businesses, anywhere in the world.
ShareBigFile – Provides simple easy to use browser based http file uploading. File Size limits is 500Mb per upload.
ShareUA – Ukrainian file storage. UA-IX. 60MB space. For Ukrainian users!
SigMirror – Free image and file hosting service with 5GB of space. The maximum file size limit is only 10MB.
Snaggys – The best file hosting service! we provides free web space for your documents, pictures, music and movies. File Size Limit: 500MB
SnapDrive.net – Free File Hosting and Sharing. Free 2GB file hosting accounts!
SnapGalaxy – Great for photo uploads, storage and sharing. Provides personal home page (PhotoFolio), hotlinking, themes etc. You an also order prints.
Speedy Share – Straight forward web service where you select the file you want to upload, then login for 1.5GB of free storage. Maximum file size limit is 30MB.
Spread-It – Choose a file to store on Spread-it, fill out the fields and click on upload. Your file is available for download at Spread-it.com 24 hours a day. File Size Limit: 500MB.
Store and Serve – Free Quick Easy File Hosting. 100 MB. No Registration Required. Instant! Unlimited uploads and unlimited downloads. Download file hosting.
Streamload MediaMax – MediaMax, powered by Streamload, is the world’s largest online media center. It is one central place to store, organize, and access files and digital media.
StreamUpload 2.0 – A full fledged anonymous file upload service and collaborative file tagging system. Upload and download hassle free, with zero waiting time. File Size Limit: 100MB.
Strongspace – Provides teams with collaboration software (email, calendars, file sharing), data backup services and on-demand computing solutions
SupaShare – File Size Limit: 50MB Download Limit: Unlimited File Life: 14 Days
Supload – Free dedicated image hosting. Host unlimited images. Host and share your files at MySpace, LiveJournal, Facebook, eBay, hi5, or anywhere you can post photos, music, or videos!
TerrysShare.com – The best file hosting service! we provides free web space for your documents, pictures, music and movies.
TheUpload – The Biggest Free Image and Video Host On The Internet. Upload Your Images and Videos For Free Now! File Size Limit: 200MB.
TransferBigFiles – Just select the files you want to send and TransferBigFiles will email the recipient with a link to the download page, and it’s FREE! File Size Limit: 1GB.
Turbo Upload – Offers free file hosting and super fast service for your file uploads. Ad-supported.
UltraShare – Web Hosting, Webspace & Web Storage – Fast and Easy at UltraShare.NET , upload your file without signing up. Hosting your file online is just one step. File Size Limit: 30MB.
Up For Down – Free 20GB of space to upload your files. Upload now videos, music, images.
Up-FILE – A FREE hosting service. Here you can upload videos, audio, images, software and another documents, to the internet for free. File Size Limit: 1GB.
Upload 2 – Lets you easily backup your important files (up to 25 MB each) and store them on our servers for as long as you need. Up to 250 MB.
Upload-File – A completely FREE file hosting service for everyone. Use Filecrunch to upload ALL types of files to share with family or friends. Use the form above to upload and start sharing. File Size Limit: 100MB.
Upload.Sc – Easy sharing of large files(up to 100MB). No registration, no speed limits, no payments just pure upload & share. Enjoy! File Size Limit: 100MB.
Upload2 – File Size Limit: 250MB Download Limit: Unknown File Life: Unknown
UploadFront – File Size Limit: 50MB Download Limit: Unlimited File Life: 30 Days (Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days)
UploadHut – File Size Limit: 50MB with a file life of 30 days.
Uploading – The best file hosting service! Maximum file size is 100MB. Files deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days.
UploadingIT – File hosting done right. We give 25GB of storage, a 750MB max file size and 50GB of bandwidth for free. We have been offering 10GB of space for over 6 months.
UploadOK! – Free File Hosting and Cheap Dedicated Servers with a maximum file size of 1GB.
UploadReady – Free image hosting reviews and rating, from our directory to compare free hosting services providers. File Size Limit: 500MB.
UploadTemple – File Size Limit: 30MB with a file life of 21 days.
Uploadfiles – The future of file sharing. Upload limit is 200MB and files last 30 days.
Ushareit – If your Email program is not allowing you to send large files! Don’t have access to FTP service! Virus scanner blocking your files! What do you do? use Ushareit.net
Web-Upload.com – Easy to use and for free!
Webcargo.net – Send any file, no matter the size, to anyone with an e-mail address. Unlimited file storage duration is 14 days with secure 128-bit encryption.
WebFileHost – An absolutely free file web hosting service powered by a dedicated service provider.
Woofiles – Don’t lose your files! With Woofiles you can store one or severals files up to 1GB online.
XtraFile – File Size Limit: 250MB and a 15 day file life.
YoUpload – Up to 500 megabytes per file Unlimited amount of uploads Unlimited amount of download. Download managers accepted No download restrictions No “loading” times Fastest servers available.
Your File Link – Free online hosting for large files. Upload up to 5GB without having to register.
YourFileHost – A file storage service where you can upload all your files anonymously & easily share these files with your family and friends.
YouSendIt – File transfer and email service. Also offer secure and large file transfer. File Size Limit: 1GB.
YouSwap.com – A very simple file-sharing site that lets the sender upload up to 1 gigabyte and send it for free. Max File Size: 1 GB.
zSHARE – With zSHARE you can upload files, images, videos, audio and flash for free. Simply use the upload form below and start sharing! You can also use zSHARE as your personal file storage: backup your data and protect your files. File Size Limit: 100MB Download.
zUpload – Share your files easily, securely, and quickly. zUpload.com provides free web space and files hosting for your own videos, movies, music, mp3s and documents. File Size Limit: 500MB.

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  1. Hi Tom, Bobbin, Digital Revolutions, Sarah and James,
    Thank you for your nice comments and I’m happy that you have found this list to be useful.
    There will be more to come throughout the week!

  2. Many changes in http://www.axifile.com
    It offers the following features:
    – You can upload up to 50 files at once (200 MB itch). It’s more than 10GB! it’s absolutely FREE!
    – 1.5 GB Per File (for Premium Account)
    – Upload via FTP!
    – Unlimited Space
    – Unlimited Bandwidth
    – Unlimited Parallel Downloads (for Premium Account)
    – Ability to password protect files
    – File Download Statistic

  3. Another Free File Storage Hosting multisiteUPLOAD.com:
    Is very simple and easy to use file sharing website. It really does not need any signup, you will just have to upload your file and you will get a url to share with your friends or anyone else.
    You can upload music, video, photos, images, files, pdf, zip… to multiple Hots with only one click in seconds.
    Upload files to Megaupload, DepositFiles, FileFactory, NetLoad, UploadedTo, SendSpace, Badongo, Easy Share, Loadto, MegaShare, 2Shared and HotFile.
    Works well. Recommended.

  4. A majority of people are facing trouble in storage of their business, which is essential for both personal corporate purposes. Such people can make use of the document storage services offered from many companies.

  5. Hello, I am with TrueShare.com (2005) and we have been in the file storage/sharing business since 2002 (easyftp.net) and along with a sound and secure system we boast excellent customer support. Business minded features, on-disk encryption security, and unlimited users are what separate us in this field. Worldwide clients in financial, medical, construction and engineering, energy, and education are our base. Check it out or contact me for a live online walk through! It is tough to compare to a free account but when you need business features, unlimited users, and SAS70/HIPAA security you can’t beat http://TrueShare.com. Please consider listing us on your page . Thanks!


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