Erik Sheppard hosted a bash attended by 200 people from the voice over community on Friday December 5th at the Butterfield 8, a memorable networking event that engaged New Yorkers as well as industry professionals from all over the US and Canada.
Enjoy a taste of the event by viewing pictures from Erik’s Flickr photostream and by reading this article.

New York’s Voice Over Scene Came Out To Play

Erik Sheppard of Voice Talent Productions and his business partner, September Day Leach, know how to bring people together and lift their spirits. At first, the duo were expecting about 50 people to arrive, but as the RSVP list keep growing, it became clear that this gathering of a few friends would turn out to be more than just a meet up… it was a roaring success!

Throughout the mixing and mingling, there were a variety of prizes raffled off to gracious winners, proving yet again that the Butterfield 8 was packed to the rafters with some of the most affable, well dressed and sonorous people one would be likely to find braving the cold on a chilly evening in Midtown Manhattan.

The Who’s Who

New York Voice Over Mixer 2008
Notable guests comprised of talented voice over artists such as San Francisco’s gem Elaine Clark, founder of Voice One and author of “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is“, the charming Chicago-based Harlan Hogan, author of “VO : Tales and Techniques of a Voice-Over Actor” and inventor of the Harlan Hogan Porta-Booth, LA’s pride Bob Bergen, current voice of Warner Bros. Porky Pig, insightful New Yorker Peter Rofé, talent, owner of PDR Voice Coaching and co-author of “Voice For Hire“, and the smiling G. Keith Alexander of the Voice Over Academy.

Voice over’s business community also came out to shine including Adam Goodman, president of Voice Hunter, Eric Simendinger, also of Voice Hunter, David Goldberg, founder of Edge Studio and Noelle Romano of Edge Studio, David Ciccarelli, co-founder and CEO of accompanied by yours truly, and Voice-Over Xtra’s John Florian.
There were many voice actors there who we were happy to meet and reconnect with including Liz de Nesnera, Trish Basanyi, Michael Schoen, Wuhzi Lu, and D. Michael Berkowitz to name just a handful. These events are all about the people and you’ve got to get out to them!

A Great Weekend

When we received our invitation to come to New York, we knew immediately that it would be a fabulous opportunity and that the event was something we were pleased to be part of.
Instead of staying for only 4 hours, we decided to make a weekend of it and were instantly at home in NYC, a feeling that I believe New York affords to all who visit and reside there.
David and I had a lovely breakfast with Elaine Clark and Harlan Hogan on the Sunday and also took a spin around with Harlan for the afternoon to tour some of the city’s great parks and attractions, a delight to experience in this season of holiday cheer and in the best of company.

Did You Attend the 2008 New York Voice Over Mixer?

Share your favorite moments and memories here!
Best wishes,
P.S. If you have photos from the event, I’d love to see them 🙂
Photo Credits
1. Photo stream courtesy of Erik Sheppard.
2. Photo of Kim White, David Ciccarelli, Harlan Hogan, Elaine Clark and Stephanie Ciccarelli courtesy of Kim White.


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Pregnant wife in tow, we had an absolutely fabulous time at the NY mixer. Met plenty of crazy VO people and was finally able to put a face to lots of different voices.
    Here’s to a reunion….
    James Clamp – British Voice Talent

  2. We had THE BEST time meeting all of the wonderful talents, coaches, and reps who froze numerous body parts to attend the NYC VO mixer. Thanks so much for the prizes from, Stephanie and David! They were a real treat! 🙂

  3. What a great bash — and how nice to see so many people we have gotten to know only on the internet.
    Meeting you Stephanie, and David was a highlight.
    See you at the next one.
    Thanks to Erik and September — fabulous hosts.

  4. It was a true pleasure to meet you and David! (What a charismatic couple!) Thanks for making the effort to travel to NYC and see us. I’m glad you enjoyed your time here, and hope you’ll come again.
    (I still owe you that drink, btw.)

  5. Hi James,
    Sorry to have missed you two (three)! I hope we get another chance to meet up sometime in the near future. Wishing you and your wife a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery,

  6. Hi Diane,
    It was fabulous getting to meet you, too 🙂 I imagine we’ll come up with more reasons to fly to NYC and perhaps we’ll see you in Canada sometime.
    Take care,


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