As an Internet company who truly values the feedback we receive from our customers, Voices.com conducts on-going industry and market research to ensure that we are meeting your needs, whether you are using the site to find voices or to showcase your services.
This report focuses specifically on how clients (buyers) use Voices.com to search for, audition and hire voice over talent (sellers) as well as the most important factors taken into account during the hiring process.

Most Important Factor When Hiring a Voice Talent


Factors That Influenced Your Decision

46.6% Demo was the only factor
43.6% Both the demo and the quote were the factors
7.8% Proposal, Quote and Demo were factors
3.9% Demo and Talent Website were factors
17.4 % Stated other factors influenced their decision

Do You Prefer a Custom Voice Over Demo?


How Many Auditions Did You Review?


Did You Receive Too Many Auditions?


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What do you think? Any comments?
Best wishes,
David and Laurynda


  1. David and Laurynda,
    Thank you for putting this report together. I found it to be a very insightful look into just what clients are looking for when requesting auditions. I know that I will use this information to help my business grow. Keep up the great work! We all appreciate your hard work and dedication to this industry.
    Tom Conklin

  2. Jesse… You are so right about that. I bet many of us have wondered if sending an audition is worth it sometimes, especially if it is near the expiration date. Well, I guess it is worth it. 🙂
    Tom Conklin

  3. If you would give us the information as to HOW MANY auditions the client WANTS to receive, we could better gage our decision to submit or not. I realize you have several hundred talents vying for most every job. I often assume that no one is going to listen to more than 50 – 100 MAX. This is interesting info.

  4. I’d just like to comment on Robert’s suggestion about limiting the number of submissions to a job posting. We have never had a single client request to have the number of audition submissions limited. If a client doesn’t want to have the responses limited, why would we do it?
    All feedback from clients has been positive. They love to get as many responses as possible so that they can pick the right voice for their recording needs.

  5. Laurynda:
    Thanks for your comment on my comment. I was going by the pie-charts as to clients often listening to only about one-third of the auditions. Here’s something else then…and I have asked this question on the phone in the past. Why can’t you adjust your software to let talent know WHEN and IF submissions are opened/listened to by the client? Your competition (whose smart-casting I don’t agree with) at least does let talent know if anyone is actually LISTENING to us. Their “rating system,” is rarely bothered with by the client however.
    Hey…I love Voices.com…..and all of you dedicated people.

  6. Robert,
    To add to the conversation and hopefully answer your question, we are in fact working on a way that informs you to whether or not your submission was (A) received and (B) listened to.
    Our service is different, particularly in how clients view responses to their job posting. We’ve simplified the processes by eliminating a step those other guys require to “open” an audition.
    Rather, Voices.com displays all the auditions on a single page, making it easier to use. As such, once the client loads the page with your audition on it, it would be considered “opened”.
    We’re also working on better ways for you and the client to communicate and discuss the projects as this was an area that came up quite a bit in a recent Website Usability survey that we conducted.
    You’ve all be very generous with your feedback and recommendations. Thanks so much!

  7. Thank you SO much for providing this data! It truly does aid in how we approach our proposals and auditions!
    As a talent who has also been on the hiring end as a job poster, I have to say that though it would be great to know if an audition was received or opened, if it creates an extra step for the businesses hiring, I would be willing as a talent to not have that information. I know I loved the ease of just going down the line and playing the files on one page when I was a hirer, and I think creating an extra step (or steps) would make them listen to less auditions. Just my opinion, but I think what Voices.com already offers more than makes up for that convenience to talents.

  8. Hi Guys,
    Just a note to say “thanks” for this important info… definitely some usable stuff in there!
    I have another suggestion:
    I think it would be helpful to the talent to actually VIEW what a typical client sees when going thru auditions. It could help us better acheive success, if we know what the process LOOKS like. Perhaps you could mass-email us a “sample”? Just a thought…
    Thanks & Keep up the good work!

  9. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for sharing your comments and feedback!
    Dana, you are awesome! Thank you for providing some insight from the client point of view.
    JC, there are a couple of videos that demonstrate how the service works, one from the talent side and the other for the people hiring voice talent.
    You can watch the client video here:
    There are also many case studies available to you on the Buzz blog that provide details about individual client experiences hiring talent through Voices.com using SurePay.
    I’m glad I could help out 🙂

  10. Hi there,
    Interesting to find out what the client looks for. Thanks for the insight.
    I have often wondered if I am too late to send in an audition. I constantly check my Voices.com inbox and send in auditions. I have wondered about the clients deadline to select a voice. If the job posting has been posted all day, am I too late? When is it too late?

  11. Hi Al,
    Thank you for your suggestion and questions. I’ve let Laurynda know so that she can find a way to incorporate that question into the survey. It’s an interesting question… Some people login to their account immediately or many times a day to see how many auditions they have and others wait until their deadline to review responses.
    Thanks Al 🙂


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