24 Sources of Podcast Statistics, Podcasting Market Research and Broadcasting Industry AnalysisWhat percentage of the general public has even heard of “podcasting”? Out of those that have, do more men or women listen to podcasts? Find the answers and a whole lot more in this extensive post on podcast statistics.



Wikipedia’s entry for Podcasting
History of Podcasting
CliqueComm’s History of Podcasting


4/7/2007 – Apple – 100 Million iPods Sold
10/26/2006 – The Evolution of the Apple iPod


1/2007 – Hitwise – Consumer Generated Media Report
12/07/2006 – Nielsen/NetRatings – 6.6 Percent of Adults Downloaded Audio Podcasts Within the Last 30 days
11/22/2006 – Pew Internet – Podcast Downloading
4/18/2006 – Podcasts Surpass Radio Stations Worldwide; Podcast Demand Growing Faster Than Supply


16/4/2007 – Arbitron/Edison – Media Research Internet and Multimedia 2007 Study

.: 37% of the US popualtion have heard of podcasting (up from 22% in 2006)

.: 13% of the US population have listened to a podcast (up from 11% in 2006)

.: 11% of the US population have watched a video podcast (up from 10% in 2006)

7/2006 – Edison
Media Research – The Podcast Consumer Revealed: An Exclusive Early Look at the Growing Podcast Audience
4/14/2006 – Arbitron – 27 Million American Podcast Listeners; Podcast Users Young and Rich


16/5/2007 – comScore – Males Between the Ages of 18-24 More Likely to Download Podcasts via iTunes
16/4/2007 – Arbitron/Edison – Podcast listeners in the US are split across men and women with 51% being male and 49% female


2/23/2007 – eMarketer – Podvertising
7/12/2006 – Nielson – Podcasting Remains a Niche Activity


1/23/2007 – WebProNews – Podcasting Trends of 2006
9/6/2006 – Pew Internet – Latest American Life Trends


6/12/2007 – The Boston Globe – eMarketer, a trade publication, projects ad spending on podcasts will reach $300 million, while social network ad spending is expected to rise to $2.5 billion worldwide by 2010, from just $350 million in 2006
2/12/2007 – MediaWeek – Podcasting to Generate $400 Mil. in Ads by 2011
7/06/2005 – News.com – Forrester Research is projecting that some 12.3 million U.S. households will be listening to podcasts by the end of the decade


Did any of those numbers surprise you?
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  1. No surprises there. Podcasting remains a niche activity among the more savvy younger computer using generation.
    With that said, the opportunity for growth is there. Podcasting may be like the CB craze of the 1970’s (Sorry to date myself kids) Everyone will try it and only those who can exploit its use will continue to create them. (look in people’s garage sales for old CB radios.)
    With that said, who knows? Advertisers are slow to get on board. Therefore the utilitarian nature of Podcasting will continue to evolve until it is commercially viable in one form or another. Let’s see who can become the most innovative and best promoter of this potentially history changing medium. Who knows? One of you may start out just doing voice over and then find yourself knee-deep in profitable podcasting!
    Ready…. GO!

  2. Still seems promising. Now in 2015 with some of the major players putting out higher quality content maybe this is the year where advertisers will have caught up with the podcasting medium.