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Out with the Old, In with the New!
Nearing the end of 2007, if you’re like me, you probably feel like you’ve got way too much on your plate and have a desperate sense of needing to clear some space in the old gray matter.
Here are three ideas you can try to help reorder your life and organize your business.

1. Do a Brain Dump

What’s a brain dump? You’re going to love this… quick, get a piece of paper and a pen. Don’t be tempted to type it into a document because it’s not as empowering as physically writing it down. OK, a brain dump is an exercise where you literally unload or “dump” all of the monkeys that have been accumulating on your back by identifying them and committing them to paper on an ultimate “To Do” list. Once you see those activities in need of completion or names of people you have been meaning to address, you’ll find that your mind and your conscience are alleviated quite a bit.

The key to success with the brain dump is to actually take on those items and make it your mission to check off every single item on your list. Of course, once you’ve done so, you’ll find that there are always new bits of clutter in your brain, so it is wise to conduct a brain dump exercise once a month or as often as required. You may even find that you will need to have separate dump lists for home, work and specific projects you might be working on.

2. Prioritize

When I say prioritize, I really mean to prioritize! Take into account what is most important to you and be sure that those priorities take precedence over all of your other tasks.
For instance, if it’s your family, make family #1. To paraphrase a tried, tested and true quote, no one ever lay on their deathbed wishing that they worked more.

Your home life and work life, particularly if you work from home, may be dangerously intertwined. Take the time now to separate those two and make priority lists for both parts of your life. It’s hard working on your own from home and it takes an incredible amount of discipline to do so effectively. It’s even harder to know when to leave work at “work” and resume domestic duties or obligations when you are surrounded by your business.

Maybe the goal is to create a further separation physically between work and home. Think about it. It doesn’t mean necessarily mean that you have to move out and get an office, but maybe you’d like to take a crack at turning the basement into a studio or make better use of a vacant room in your home.

3. Set Goals

Do you know what you want to accomplish in 2008?
Are you happy just doing what you’ve always been doing?
Sit yourself down and dream big. Think about where you’d like to see yourself in five years and identify bite-sized chunk goals to meet those objectives to fulfill your longterm vision.
Your goals could be business related or personal. Make two lists if you need to.

When you’re thinking about business goals, consider the following areas:
– Public Relations Goals
– Educational Goals
– Sales Goals
– Marketing Goals
– Networking Goals
– Social Goals
– Business Development Goals
– Financial Goals
– Technical Goals
– Artistic Goals

Although many, those ten categories as listed above are all components of running a successful business. You need to concern yourself with raising the bar on all fronts as an entrepreneur. Focus on the areas you most need to improve upon and run with them. If you need outside help, ask for it. Don’t be afraid to ask for consultation or pursue professional services to get you where you need to be. Setting goals gives you a direction and purpose. Once you have set your goals, work toward achieving them consistently. Consistency is key, so make sure that you have set a regiment in place that you are going to follow.

If you have any tips that you’d like to add, feel free to comment with you ideas!
Best wishes,

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  1. Um Steph-
    Do you have a mop? I uh, just brain dumped all over the floor.
    Is that a new carpet? Oh, sorry.
    BTW, that list really is valuable (in spite of my silly attempt at humor). Thanks for the reminder. Happy new year.
    Best always,
    – Peter


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