When you direct people to your website, the goal is to be hired, is it not?
What happens when you have multiple websites to choose from and don’t know which one to send your clients to?
Check out 4 questions you should ask yourself before you invite people to visit your business on the web.
Target Market

Promoting your website is easy, but for those of you who maintain a number of websites to promote your voice, you need to make a decision as to which site you will consistently be referring your clients and potential buyers of your services to.
When deciding which website to use to promote your business, make the decision based upon which website best meets the following criteria:
1) Looks most professional
2) Best represents your services
3) Easiest to use
4) Provides a means to accept payment
Let’s take a closer look at each of these criterion:

1. Looks Most Professional

How would you describe the visual identity of each of your websites?
Do any of them look dated, like a mishmash of fonts, misrepresent you, or include unrelated images? If you feel that one of your websites looks ragged in comparison to another, it may not be the best site to send prospective customers to.
After going through the motions, one of your websites should rise to the top as the best candidate to ensure your success — remember that one.

2. Best Represents Your Services

Do your websites immediately let people know what you do for a living?
Which of your websites gives the best impression of what your capabilities are and quickly puts customers at ease? Can people readily listen to your demos, or, are they difficult to locate, listen to and share with others? Pick the website that has the most obvious and consistent branding as well as features the bulk of your work. Earmark it as a finalist in this exercise.

3. Easiest to Use

How easy is your website to use?
When comparing your websites, check to see which has the easiest, most consistent navigation and features everything you need to showcase about your talent to get the gig. Test the audio player and note how simple it is to use, how long it takes to load and if the player is user friendly to all visitors.
Whichever site is easiest to use is the winner here. Write it down.

4. Provides a Means of Accepting Payment

Can you accept payment online?
Most important of all, doing business online is doing business, and that means being able to accept payment for work you have procured. Customers expect to find methods of payment when shopping and love doing business painlessly with merchants who have the ability to accept payments by credit card, PayPal, and other direct means over the Internet, for example in our industry, Voices.com’s SurePay.

They also desire the security of knowing that they are in good hands all the way through.
Getting the financial aspect over with quickly and the delivery of a quality product in a matter of hours (perhaps longer in some cases) is very attractive to both the buyer and seller. Also, knowing that both buyer and seller are protected is a great benefit, especially when doing business for the first time together on the ‘net.Which of your websites does you the service of making sure you are paid every time? Add that one to your list of favorites.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury

After some quick tabulations the verdict should be clear.
Do you know which of your websites will ensure success and voice over excellence for you online? Identify it and start promoting it like crazy!
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