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Are you looking for new ways to build your business? Short on ideas but big on motivation?
Imagine how different your voice-over business could be if you paid attention to some basic marketing principles and best practices in the studio.

Take a look at these five tips from Bill DeWees and make some real progress before 2016!

5 Power Tips to Build Your VO Business

By Bill DeWees
I’m big on fundamentals. My philosophy is “TEACH me to fish . . . don’t GIVE me a fish!”
My voice over business is sizeable and sustainable. Not only do I generate a very comfortable living as a voice talent, I know that every week I will receive a consistent amount of income. That is by design, not accident or luck.

Believe it or not, it’s possible for you to have both! However, you must execute the fundamentals.

Following are 5 VO Power Tips that will help you achieve substantial growth in 2016.

Tip #1: Leverage Your Marketing Efforts

Get the biggest bang for your resources by marketing yourself to the “middleman.” I leverage my time by using resources like Voices.com and marketing directly to video production companies. They already have the large clients, thereby streamlining my efforts and making my job of marketing far easier.

Tip #2: Learn to Cold Call

Some recent research suggests that up to 90% of sales people are afraid to cold call. But, making phone contact with a prospect is the most powerful way to cultivate a new client. I’ve boiled the process down to a very simple approach. I ask for the person responsible for hiring voice over talent, I ask them a simple question, “Are you currently accepting voice over demos?” I’m rarely told “no.”

Tip #3: Stay in Touch

Clients are juggling work, family, finances, relationships, etc. If you want to break through the clutter and remain on a client’s radar, you have to stay in touch. Prevailing marketing wisdom suggests that it takes a least 6 marketing “touches” a year for a client to remember you.

Tip #4: Audition with 2 Takes

When you audition with only 1 take you are limiting your chances of getting hired for the job. But when you provide 2 good reads you’ve just given yourself (literally) a second chance.

Tip #5: Audio Quality Matters

For the most part, audio quality boils down to 2 things:
1) How quiet your recording space is, and
2) How well your space is acoustically treated. You may have the best equipment but if your studio is not very quiet and well treated, your audio is going to make a bad impression on the client.


I want your time, energy, and money to yield maximum results. Implementing these 5 strategies will go a long way toward that end.

Bill DeWees

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  1. Bill shared these concepts each time he was a guest at the Midwest Voice Over Conference. And even though I’ve heard them a variety of times in various settings, they NEVER get old. it’s always good to get that repetitive reinforcement & keep hammering home the basics. Thanks, Stephanie for sharing Bill’s comments.


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