Man making a credit card payment onlineWhat is SurePay and why should you use it?

SurePay has been around for over a year and from time to time, I find it’s beneficial to talk about how it works, why it’s there and how it can make a world of difference in how business is done.
Been looking for a safe, easy way to make or receive payments online at
Discover how SurePay can help you (as well as some little known facts!).

What Is SurePay?

In short, SurePay is a service that guarantees clients are satisfied with voice overs purchased through the website. SurePay ensures that talent are paid for their work as well as publicly recognized when hired using the SurePay escrow service.

How Does It Work?

When a client hires a voice over professional at the client pays a modest escrow fee in addition to the talent professional fee upon the successful completion of their job.

5 Great Things SurePay Does For Voice Talent:

1. Manages the entire billing and payment process for you
2. Ensures you are paid what you quoted
3. Protects you from any theft or improper compensation of services rendered
4. Gives the opportunity to receive valuable client feedback
5. Rewards you with a listing on the Recently Hired List on the home page

3 Little Known Facts About SurePay

While you know that voice talent are always paid what they wish to be paid when using SurePay, what you might not know is that:
1. Many voice talent take the escrow fee into account when they are quoting for the job.
2. They get paid exactly what they want / present an attractive price point for clients.
3. Talent can request that we send them a check to avoid PayPal fees upon pay out.

How Has SurePay Helped You?

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  1. Hi,
    Need a bit more info re: SurePay. How much is or How is the escrow fee calculated? I don’t have a Paypal account yet but I thought a fee wasn’t levied on money received …is that not correct? Off hand, do most VO talent use a personal or business account @ Paypal? Finally, do you see some VO artists using both Paypal and SurePay on, and if yes, when and why?
    thanks for the info, Tom

  2. Hi Stephanie, thank you for posting this information. Just to let members know they can control their payout preferences by logging into their accounts and going to Preferences. They can pick between PayPal or Check for payout.

  3. Hi Tom,
    Thank you for commenting and for the opportunity to answer your questions 🙂
    1. The SurePay escrow fee is 10% on top of the voice talent professional fee. So, let’s say you quoted $100 for your voice over work. The SurePay escrow fee being 10% of that would equal $10, meaning that the client would be presented with an overall quote of $110.
    2. The fee is calculated as outlined in #1. We have included a calculator in your account that automatically calculates and applies the potential escrow fee (which would be charged to the client as part of the service should you be hired).
    3. PayPal does charge merchants for receiving payment. The levy a fee for making the transaction happen and transferring funds. It may only be a few dollars here or there (perhaps more on larger purchases), however, the fee PayPal charges merchants to accept money is considerable enough for some people to request that we send them a check in the mail so that they are not deducted a fee from PayPal upon receipt of the money in their PayPal account.
    4. Most business people do use PayPal for various things. It is advised that your PayPal email address be one that you use on a regular basis so that you can receive communications from PayPal regarding money sent from your account or received to your PayPal account. You can connect your PayPal account to your online banking account. Most talent use their business banking account and have a separate PayPal account for personal purchases.
    5. You are able to include your billing methods on your profile. Some people include SurePay, PayPal, check, whatever works best for them. It is advised that you include SurePay as one of your acceptable billing methods because we protect you and ensure payment for the voice over work that you get through, however, we can not be much help to you if you decide to bill a client outside of SurePay and that client doesn’t send you your money.
    SurePay, being an escrow service, holds a client’s funds in a safe, neutral bank account until they are ready to be released to the talent for completed work. We guarantee that the money is there for you and you can start working with the comfort and knowledge that you’ll be paid the agreed upon amount once you’ve finished the job. In the case of any problems, we can mediate for both client and talent and make sure that both sides are listened to and compensated fairly.
    Please note that this form of arbitration, if necessary, is only available to people who use SurePay as it is the only negotiation and payment process we can monitor from start to finish at
    Thanks for your questions and I hope my answers have been helpful!
    Best wishes,

  4. I love SurePay. It’s the perfect way to protect both sides of the transaction. Many of my clients don’t mind paying in advance with credit card or paypal. People are used to paying for stuff in advance online. HOwever, if they balk…I always send them to Surepay… and I always include it as an option in my bids.
    Great job,!

  5. Tom,
    A personal PayPal account can only receive five incoming payments directly from credit cards per year, a limit not imposed on the Business or Premier accounts.
    The first time you use the SurePay system, you’ll see the escrow fee calculator is easy and very intuitive. When you enter the amount you’re quoting, you’ll see both the 10% fee, and the client’s resulting total, broken out separately in windows below.
    While the fee is technically paid by the client, it obviously will make your bid 10% higher to the client than competing bids from talent who bill direct. You may occasionally have to reduce your bid by a commensurate amount to remain competitive, but at least you know you’ll get paid!
    I’ve just used SurePay for the first time, on a job for a client on the other side of the world who is using for the first time. It was easy to navigate, and gave the client a feeling of greater security. The risks and potential collection costs if a deal like this goes south make using the escrow system a no-brainer.


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