Woman reading a book outsideDon’t you just love feedback from people hiring voice over talent?

I spoke with a long-time client of ours on Thursday who had shared some of their thoughts about what voice talent could be doing to positively catch the eyes and ears of a customer in an audition situation.
Ready to take a few leaves out of our book?
The recommendations are good for any situation, regardless of project type, lead source, or client.

7 Easy Ways To Get the Gig!

As I mentioned, the tips below came directly from a client who uses Voices.com regularly. These tips are being shared to help you 🙂 I find that these recommendations are common across the board.

Without further ado, here they are:
1. DO follow instructions
2. DO be sensitive to the client’s project requirements
3. DON’T waste time (yours or anyone else’s)
4. DO be true to yourself and only audition for work you can actually perform
5. DO record a brief custom demo if a script is provided
6. DON’T sell yourself short
7. DON’T send the exact same answer more than once if you are applying to the same company
One of our teleseminarsMastering the Audition,” will go into these points (and more!) in greater detail.
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