What if you could instantly increase your visibility online in a matter of clicks?
Today, you’ll discover links on how to select a domain name, how to register your domain, online advertising, ad management tools, press release distribution services, search engine marketing, online directories and lastly blog search engines and blog directories.

Tools to Pick Your Domain Name

123finder.com – Enter keywords, set the maximum number of characters you want, and see what it comes up with.
BustAName.com – Enter words to see the possible remaining combinations and suggestions.
Domain-Generator.net – Gives tips and advice on how to pick a name, has a random generator and keyword checker.
Dot-O-Mator.com – Put in up to 15 each in the prefix and suffix columns and see what combinations are available.
Dyyo.com – Helps you find the few 4-letter domain names remaining.
Geek.name – Displays domain names that are unregistered as suggestions, offers a thesaurus for your keyword.
MakeWords.com – See randomly generated domain names and check out which are available. Pick other languages, search for keywords and more.
Nameboy.com – Enter two words and see what is out there and get suggestions.
SnapItNow.com – Enter words, choose category, define if you will allow hyphens and more.

Tools to Register Your Domain Name

DomainsNorthwest.com – A bit pricey at $10.95 a year, but a very straightforward site that’s easy to follow.
DomainSite.com – Offers registrations for $7.99 year with Google Apps thrown in.
Dotster.com – Known for easy account management.
Dynadot.com – ICANN accredited domain register at only $7.99 a year.
eNom.com – Offers a range of domain reseller tools.
Fabulous.com – Specializes in creating paring pages for all of your domain names.
GoDaddy.com – Probably the best known registrar in the market today. Has received some criticism in the past years, but it’s still quite cheap.
Moniker.com – Offers registration along with buying and selling services.
Name.com – Domain registrations on the cheap side, with some extra services thrown in for free.
NameCheap.com – $9.29 a year per registration with lots of free services added in.
NetworkSolutions.com – One of the oldest companies in the domain name registration market, their prices are a bit high compared to others.
Rebel.com – Register domains and monitor your domains registered at other companies.
Register.com – Another one of the old school registrars that’s been around for ages.
SnapNames.com – Has domain auctions as well as registrations.
Triple.com – Offers reasonable registration rates with a free domain lock.
Tucows.com – Originally known for being a home of many freeware and shareware programs, now it also offers domain registrations.
Webmasters.com – Allows you to register .vu = Venture, .fm = Family, and .st = Site TLDs.
Webnames.ca – A Canadian registration service with free domain and email forwarding.

Great Ways To Advertise Yourself

AdBrite.com – Target by categories, keywords, geographically, or by demographics; offers up multiple ad formats for all budgets.
AdGridwork.com – Free advertising for your site. By placing ads on your site, your ad shows up on other network sites.
Adknowledge.com – Combines traffic from numerous venues and determines the best placement of ads for you.
AdMob.com – A network for advertising on mobiles everywhere.
Ads-Click.com – Let’s you advertise both on the web and on mobile devices, perfect for .MOBI sites.
AdsMarket.com – Offers four advertising channels which should offer something for everyone.
Advertising.com – An advertising network with about the best domain name they could have ever hoped for. Become an advertiser or a publisher.
Agendize.com – Works to make ads more interactive by widgetizing them.
Ask Sponsored Listings – Probably a bit high for most startups or personal blogs, (“If you’re budget is under $6,000 a month, click here…”) but still a well known name.
Bidvertiser.com – Select the sites you want to advertise on and bid for placement. Has publisher services for sites to sign up.
Google AdWords – Would any list of advertisers be complete without the perceived king of the online advertising world?
Kanoodle.com – Uses multiple search engines to help you find the most effective homes for your ads.
LinkLike.com – A metered link trade system to allow you to trade advertising with other sites.
Microsoft adCenter – Pay per click advertising served up by Microsoft.
Pulse360.com – Offers you choices of contextual, behavioral, geographic, local, demographic, and site specific targeting. Webmasters can also join their network for placement.
TargetPoint.com – Advertising network with over 2.6 billion page views a month and offers sign-up for sites.
Yahoo! Search Marketing – Yahoo’s pay-per-click advertising system.

Ad Management Tools

AdJug.com – A marketplace for advertisers and publishers to connect directly to buy and sell advertising space.
AdSymetrix.com – Gives you the ability to add tracking to any ad you place on the net to track its performance.
Clickable.com – After you’ve started advertising with several networks, go here to try and manage everything in one place.
ForSaleByPublisher.com – A directory of sites selling ad spots so you can pick and choose where your ads appear, and bypass the ad networks.

Press Release Distribution Services

24-7PressRelease.com – Paid press release distribution.
Express-Press-Release.com – Free distribution company with offices in 12 states.
Free-Press-Release.com – Easy press release distribution for free, more features for paid accounts.
Free-Press-Release-Center.info – Distributes your release, offers a web page with one keyword link to your site. Pro upgrade will give you three links, permanent archiving and more.
PR9.net – Ad supported press distribution site.
PRBuzz.com – Completely free distribution to search engines, news sites, and blogs.
PRCompass.com – Issue a press release about your new site or service. Free and paid versions available.
PRLeap.com – Paid-only distribution to search engines, newswires, and RSS feeds. Fee based bumps get you better placement.
Voice Over Times – The voice over industry’s only news website. Submit your story or press release for free inclusion and online distribution.

Top Search Engines

Google – Does it need any explanation? In case you haven’t been online in the last 17 years, this is the largest, most popular and widely used search engine on the planet.
Yahoo – Much like Google above. Also a widely used general information search engine.
MSN.com – Search the web with MSN, there are so many other resources available.
Ask.com – Find whatever you are looking for quickly and easily. You can search the web for images, blogs, news and much more. Ask has recently had a redesign and some reports have been very positive about it.

Online Directories

Mahalo – Jason Calacanis’ baby, a very serious contender with lots of funding, is best described as a cross between Wikipedia and Google. If a human edit result for your query doesn’t exist, you’ll be transferred to standard Google results.
Dmoz – Probably the most popular and largest human edited search engine directory. All sites must be submitted and approved for placement in the directory.
Sproose – A user powered search engine. Users vote on the results and then the sites are ranked accordingly. This allows them to provide quality results, without all of the junk that you find in a typical search engine.
Directory Hound – Human edited directory modeled after Dmoz. All sites must be submitted and approved before entry. Covers all general categories.
Yoofindit.com – General information directory, all sites are reviewed by staff members.
Best of the Web – Very popular directory, with strict submission guidelines. Also have an award program for the best ranked sites.

Blog and RSS Search Engines and Directories

Technorati – One of the most popular blog directories, they currently index over 100 million blogs on virtually every topic.
BlogSearchEngine – Search engine queries results from over 10 million blogs around the web.
Google Blog Search – Search Google’s index to find blogs on your favorite topic.
Blo.gs – Blog search engine owned by Yahoo. Add your own blog to the directory.
Bloogz – Blog search engine.
Total Blog Directory – Categorized directory of blogs.
BritBlog.com – Searchable directory of British based blogs.
BlogDigger – Search engine for finding blogs and RSS feeds.
BlogHub – Online directory of blogs and resources for bloggers.
Blog-Search – Find your favorite blogs and RSS feeds.
BlogCatalog – Very large social blog directory, find a blog or add your own to the list.
Bloglines – Search or share your favorite news feeds, blogs and rich web content.
BlogExplosion – Directory of blogs covering virtually every category.

What Did You Find Most Useful From The List?

To sum up, we covered picking a domain name, registering your domain, online advertising, ad management tools, search engine marketing, online directories and finally blog search engines and directories.
What areas will you be working on in your marketing campaigns? Add your comments below.

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