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New to Could you benefit from some auditioning tips?
Many talent, especially those new to the online marketplace, have a difficult time knowing whether or not they are using the right tactics when auditioning.
While everyone’s success varies, with the talent and a knack for auditioning online, there are some people that just seem to hit the ground running.
Join us today as our Guest blogger, Laci Morgan offers up some tips and tricks which have helped her land work at!

I joined as a Premium member about a month or two ago in the hopes of getting some more audition experience and to put my name out there a bit more. I started sending out auditions to projects that I thought I’d fit with well and was pleasantly surprised when I started getting “thumbs ups” from companies with big recognizable names like Hulu, Build a Bear, and Avery. I can’t even tell you how much that made my day!
Though I’ve only been a Premium subscriber with Voices for a short time so far, I’ve already learned a lot that I hope will help some other “newbies” succeed, too.

9 Tips from One Newbie to Another

1. Audition Often
Even if there are a lot of other submissions, you’ll probably be heard, and it’s worth that shot! Sometimes when I thought there was no chance of being heard (100+ submissions already), I actually was.

2. Have Demo Variety
My Nordic Naturals client told me that they almost went with another voice, but it was listening to my other demos that showed them I have the range that they were looking for.

3. Don’t Lose Hope
I just got a message the other day that even though the client didn’t pick my audition for the particular project I’d auditioned for, they liked my voice and want to use me for a future upcoming project. You never know what might come from making a new contact!

4. Make Professional Demos
I made the mistake of trying to go too “cheap” and purchasing an economy USB microphone first, but wasn’t having much luck. I even lost one potential job contact because my “audio quality wasn’t up to their levels.” Ouch!

5. Invest In Your Equipment
Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little more to make sure you can compete with your fellow voice talents. Sure enough, when I upgraded my equipment and soundproofed my room better, the client feedback was much better.

6. Don’t Sell Yourself Short
The lowest bid isn’t always the one that wins. Quote what you feel you’re worth, or you may lock yourself into only getting rates below the industry standard. Clients do recognize that professionals need to charge accordingly, and it only hurts the industry value if everyone tries to lowball their bids all the time.

7. Avoid Distractions
I have a 5 month old baby and I learned the hard way that it stinks to think you had a great session, only to notice a musical toy or a dog barking in the background when you listen back to the audio. Nap time and late night is a godsend. I put the dog away; turn off the air conditioner, and record with peace and quiet.

8. Be Choosy
Prioritize what you want to work on (and what you think your best “genre” is). I don’t have the time to audition for every job that comes up as a match, so I pick the ones that I think I’d enjoy working on. I’ve found it interesting that so far, the ones I’ve gotten positive feedback on are the ones I was the most excited about! I’ll bet that comes across in my auditions. While there are a lot of phone prompt jobs, for example, I know that I won’t really stand out much in that area against the people that do those often and do them well, because that’s not what my experience is in. I’ve had better luck going for jobs that match my more unique voice qualities with more of an acting element to them.

9. Connect!
Read blogs, join forums, and meet others in the field. People are quite nice, and so willing to give advice and guidance!

About Laci Morgan

Voice actress Laci Morgan recording in studio  | Blog - Where clients and voice actors can find valuable information on pre-production, technology, animation, video and audio production, home recording studios, business growth, voice acting and auditions, celebrity voice actors, voiceover industry news and more! Laci Morgan (pictured left) has been honing her artistic skills in various types of settings for years, culminating in a wide variety of knowledge and abilities. She is an avid performer with over ten years experience in theater and voice over work.

Having worked for large corporations like Disney and Universal Studios Hollywood, coupled with casting and directing experience, she has a unique working knowledge of the entertainment industry and its needs.

A full service talent, Laci also provides audio mixing, music and sound effects, script editing and copywriting services.

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  1. Thanks Laci,
    The tips you’ve provided are quite helpful. I’d like to add one tip from my side. It happens that once in a while you need to record something asap, and the challenge is that the present moment might not be the quietest. I’ve found if I reduce the gain at which I record, it helps to avoid the the unwanted sounds from outside. I can always boost the audio later with the help of my editing software.

  2. Awesome article! Thanks Laci. As a newbie starting out, it’s good to hear that it’s normal to audition for hundreds of projects! Great advice all round, thank you!

  3. A good reminder for a person like me who questions whether this is worth getting into. Thanks Laci.
    I guess I should have a better demo… Don’t give up! 🙂


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