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Finding Free Voice-Over Resources Quickly Online | Voices.com Blog - Where clients and voice actors can find valuable information on pre-production, technology, animation, video and audio production, home recording studios, business growth, voice acting and auditions, celebrity voice actors, voiceover industry news and more!

Finding Free Voice Over Resources Quickly Online

Are you looking for voice-over resources that you can locate quickly and access at low or no cost? This edition of Vox Daily contains links...
Resources For Animation Students | Voices.com Blog - Where voice actors and businesses can find valuable information on technology, video production, animation, home recording studios, business growth, voice acting and auditions, celebrity voice actors, and more!

Resources For Animation Students

A new generation of animators is about to take the stage. When walking the exhibition floor at SIGGRAPH 2013, I met with a number of...

3 Great Animation Voice Acting Resources

Discover resources that you can draw upon when researching the history of voice acting in animation.

80+ Online Marketing Resources for Voice Over Talent

Today, we'll explore how to select a domain name, how to register your domain, online advertising, ad management tools, press release distribution services, search engine marketing, online directories and lastly blog search engines and blog directories.

100+ Online File Storage and Delivery Resources for Voice Over Talent

Have you ever had to deliver an audio file to a client and it was too large to send by email? Maybe you can identify with having to redo hours of voice over work because you didn't back up your recordings remotely... Consider these online file storage and delivery resources the next time you need to pack in more than a few megabytes.

Creating Powerful Radio Ad Campaigns

From an advertiser’s perspective, the average 30 or 60-second radio commercial represents a point-in-time golden opportunity to tell a story, reach the listener deeply,...
An open blue box with paper airplanes coming to depict notes about the Voices.com product updates being sent out.

Winter 2018 Product Release Notes

We’ve been busy this winter creating new features and working on updates to make Voices.com even better for all of our different customer groups....

Voice Over Recording Software – Tech Considerations

The Technical Considerations for a Great Voice Over There are three aspects of capturing a great voice over: Artistic: Encompasses the actor you hire and...

Producing an Animation – Animation Budget Template

Animation isn’t just for those who can afford it: These days, it’s available to the rest of us, too. What was once the exclusive...

Starting Your Voice Acting Career – Making a Career Choice

If you’re just embarking on your journey towards becoming a professional voice actor - welcome! You’re joining one of the most exciting and welcoming...

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