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Content Creator and Storyteller Ally Pintucci

Instagram Storyteller Ally Pintucci on Understanding the Role of Social Media Influencers

When it comes to having an effect over what products and services people purchase, the power of word of mouth, or WOM (thanks, marketing...
A mixed media image shows a real person's hand 'walking' up a set of illustrated stairs that are adorned with images like lightbulbs, word blurbs, keys and words like success, yes, and goal.

Top Podcasts for Storytellers and Creatives Entrepreneurs

Being a creative entrepreneur is an exciting job. You get to be a business developer and storyteller all in one. However, being the leader...
A woman types on a blue typewriter

Bobette Buster on The Art of Storytelling

Listening to Bobette Buster speak is like being privy to storytelling magic. Without skipping a beat, she moves effortlessly between pulling together history, philosophy,...
Letters scattered on a wood floor, with a few lined up to spell Story

Beyond Pixar: Matthew Luhn Shares Storytelling Principles Everyone Can Use

Matthew Luhn is stuck in traffic, crawling down the California coast at a snail’s pace. Somewhere down the road a mudslide has decided to...

How To Use Storytelling to Make Science More Accessible

Can scientists use story to communicate more effectively? Using language filled to the brim with industry jargon can result in smaller audiences and a steeper...

Dissolve: The Rest Is History

If you're reading this article, there's a high probability that you're in the business of storytelling. Voices.com is home to storytellers using the human voice....

Ideas For Protecting Your Voice When Gardening

Have you been doing a lot of gardening, landscaping or hiking in the great outdoors? While gardening and exercise is a wonderful thing but have...

20 Marketing Ideas For Voice Over Actors

20 marketing tips to help get your career hopping!

Storytelling Through Spoken Word and Song

Are you a fan of folklore, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes? If you are particularly fond of storytelling and are looking for another creative outlet,...

The Ultimate Success Story Contest at Voices.com

Do you love to tell people about your voice over work? I'm giving you the opportunity to tell the world! We've got some hot international...

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