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Starting Your Voice Acting Career – Making a Career Choice

If you’re just embarking on your journey towards becoming a professional voice actor - welcome! You’re joining one of the most exciting and welcoming...
A child voice actor, a little girl around 4 years old sits in front of a microphone with headphones on

How to Get Your Child into Voice Acting

Every child loves cartoons, many even want to be in one. Find out how in today's Vox Daily!
viewpoint shows two hands on a videogame controller in the foreground, while a brightly lit television screen is visible in the background.

Video Game Voice Acting: Creating Characters in Virtual Worlds

A video game can have an incredible ability to whisk you away into a world of fantasy, pulling you headlong into quests to solve...
A photo shows the Palace of Westminster (in the UK) at dusk

Behind the Scenes of the UK Voice Acting Industry

Even in a digital economy that allows careers to transcend borders, how we conduct business is still influenced by our regional nuances. For instance, imagine...
A side shot of runners at the starting blocks. They are on red track.

Get Up and Go – How to Launch a Voice Acting Career

The voice over industry continues to grow. It can be a lucrative career that affords you flexibility and fulfillment while you make a living....
A man sits at his desk, looking bored. He has a pen in one hand and glasses in the other, up near his face. Stacked binders appear on either side of him.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Voice Acting Has Hit a Glass Ceiling –...

In any creative pursuit there are ups and downs. Some days you’re filled to the brim with inspiration and can’t wait to see what...
An open laptop sits on a desk next to headphones and audio equipment.

Starting A Voice Acting Career – A Comparison of Past and Present

Like most things, voice acting has transformed over the past century and a half; the leaps and bounds in technology have created a shift...
The silhouettes of two trapeze artists show one extending his hands to the other, who is in mid-air

Voice Acting Business Development: Voice Actors Share their Strategies

Even though voice acting can feel like a solitary pursuit, in truth the business is all about relationships. From personal branding, to networking - to...
An icon of a person travels upwards on steps that are being placed before him by a helping hand

Getting Better, Together: Digital Coaching for Your Voice Acting Career

A Virtual Voice Acting Coaching Partnership Through Businesses Like Such A Voice Can Help You Achieve New Career Heights, All Without Leaving Your Home...
female voice talent, microphone, pop filter

Does Your Voice Acting Profile Do Your Talent Justice?

You know that voice you get hired to do from time to time? If it’s not on your Voices.com profile, you’re definitely getting less visits...

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