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Why Voice Actors Should Use Analytics on their Website

As a voice actor, you’re a business owner - and in more cases than not, you’re the one responsible for sourcing your own leads...
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Which Microphone is Best for Voice Actors?

For every mic that exists, you’ll find many opinions about it. Who should you listen to? That’s going to depend on a lot of...
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3 Signs You’re Hearing a Good Voice Actor

Have you ever wondered what goes into a great read? How about being able to tell the difference between a confident voice artist and...
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How Voice Actors Can Make Medical Narration Compelling

If you’re a voice actor, what do you dream of doing? Is it narrating an exciting documentary? Being the voice of a national brand?...
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Voice Actor and Coach Shelly Shenoy on 6 Career Blunders to Avoid

You’ve stepped up (or sat down) to the mic. You think you’re ready to press record and give that audition all you’ve got -...
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Voice Acting Business Development: Voice Actors Share their Strategies

Even though voice acting can feel like a solitary pursuit, in truth the business is all about relationships. From personal branding, to networking - to...
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Why Professional Voice Actors Offer Priceless Value

We all know someone in our professional or social circle who has a naturally charismatic voice. It cuts through the crowd and draws you...
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Casting Voice Actors: A Comparison of Past and Present

Ever since we first learned how to record the voice over 150 years ago, it’s become an integral part of our lives, filling the...
New Favorites feature for clients at Voices.com

Favoriting Voice Actors Just Got Better

Ever wanted to save a particular demo to a list instead of just favoriting a talent profile? In our latest release, we’ve begun laying the...

Does Age Discrimination Affect Voice Actors?

How much does an actor or actress' age figure into a casting decision? Gizmodo reports that the governor of California signed a bill into law...

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