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English Version: Spanish Voice Over Talent in the Industry Evolution Spiral

Last week Silvana Lombardini joined us as a Guest Blogger to discuss the changing landscape of the Latin American voice-over industry. The original version was...

Spanish Voice Over Talent In the Industry Evolution Spiral

What challenges are Spanish speaking voice-over talent facing in today's market? Guest Blogger Silvana Lombardini (left) joins us today in this special Spanish edition of...

Becoming More Than Just a Voice Over Talent

Have you ever noticed that the growth of a goldfish is only limited by the size of its environment? The dimensions and confines of a...

Let’s Hear It For Working Class Voice Over Talent!

What does it mean to be a working class voice over talent? Whether you're doing voice over full-time or if you're pursuing voice acting part-time...

First Look : Jobs for Voice Over Talent

Here we are in the second week of the preview series covering the biggest launch at Voices.com ever! Last week we covered how clients will...

100+ Industry Resources for Voice Over Talent

To wrap up our week of online resources, tools, services and hidden gems we've put together an exhaustive list of industry-specific resources that we...

80+ Online Marketing Resources for Voice Over Talent

Today, we'll explore how to select a domain name, how to register your domain, online advertising, ad management tools, press release distribution services, search engine marketing, online directories and lastly blog search engines and blog directories.
eBusiness Resources

100+ eBusiness Resources for Voice Over Talent

From getting your business up and running to sealing the deal, the web offers a fantastic variety of resources that will help you manage your business, connect with other people and make a profit.

100+ Online File Storage and Delivery Resources for Voice Over Talent

Have you ever had to deliver an audio file to a client and it was too large to send by email? Maybe you can identify with having to redo hours of voice over work because you didn't back up your recordings remotely... Consider these online file storage and delivery resources the next time you need to pack in more than a few megabytes.

audio’connell Voice Over Talent President Cast in 2007 Video Game of the Year

The 2007 "Video Game of the Year" winner Bioshock features audio'connell Voice Over Talent president and voice talent Peter O'Connell.

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