Do you have any idea of what is in store for you this year?
If you let go of the past, the present day and days to come hold innumerable blessings…
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Over the weekend, I heard a message that is quite fitting as well as embraceable for 2008, not just for me, but for all of us.

This year should be a year of great expectations and something completely new.

That being said, when you think of the word “new”, what comes to mind?
If your notion of something “new” translates to “slightly improved”, like a splashier label on a product or enhanced flavoring of your favorite rice from Uncle Ben’s, what I’m going to say will surprise you and may just knock your socks off.
At North Park Community Church in London, ON Pastor Terry Sanderson spoke about the biblical definition of the word “new” and what it means to have something truly new become part of your life.

Referencing the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, 43:19, Pastor Terry challenged his congregation to become early adopters, that is, people who catch on and adapt quickly, and become an expectant people rather than retrospective.
The main message is to forget the former things and do not dwell on the past, even if it is a glorious past (you know, the “glory days” or “glory years” we all have), so that God can do bigger and better things in our lives than were done previously.
The words given to the Jewish people thousands of years ago ring true today.

Here are some tips that encapsulate the message and will help you to make 2008 a year of expectancy:

1. Don’t become a victim of a negative past
2. Don’t become a nostalgic prisoner of a positive past
3. Don’t live by memories – live with expectancy
4. God is doing a new work, not just a slightly improved work
a) There may still be troubles or deserts in your life – they won’t go away but you’ll overcome them with grace
b) There is always the promise of His presence
c) There may be a dying to self in order to welcome the new and better things in store
d) There is the challenge to start walking and give it your all

In Christ, all things are made new, and as we leave the Christmas season behind us with all the presents, the food, large family gatherings and decorations, we take with us the promise of abundant blessings and divine workings in our lives that will surpass the glory days we know so well – if only we learn to let go and expect more from an unlimited, loving and powerful God.
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