Golden apples on a silver settingEver noticed that a few simple and carefully chosen words can go a long way?

When in the business of elocution, you tend to come across messages, many of which need to be shared.
You may have also noted that some of these messages are more urgent, empowering and uplifting.
How can you incorporate more of these words into your work and everyday life?
Join VOX Daily contributor Herb Merriweather in his newest article where he discusses words fitly spoken and share your thoughts!

A Word Fitly Spoken

By Herb Merriweather
In the voice over world, it’s all about words–large, small, complex, simple, hard to spell, even harder to say–words.
Sometimes these words are grouped in such a way that no one can pronounce them. Other times they roll off the tongue as if buttered and tenderized.

One thing’s for sure… we are wordsmiths. We exhort and expostulate, interject and interpret with words!
But there is one ‘word’ that should be more important than all the rest. More important because that word can affect our careers, our relationships, even our futures. King Solomon (rumored to be the wisest man in history) once said that “…a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.

The ‘fitly spoken’ word is the word of encouragement to the person who is about to give up… it’s the word of instruction to someone who’s struggling and needs an answer… it’s the word of guidance to the person who’s seeking the right path–be it voice over career choices or technical advice.

Simply put, the ‘fitly spoken’ word is the right word at the right time spoken in the right spirit to whoever might need it (or FOR whoever might need it.)
The value of this ‘word’ is immense — just ask Andy Boyns and Pablo Hernandez and the VO artists who spoke a ‘word’ for the Haitian people during their time of crisis (which is ongoing, I might add).

Just ask Diane Havens and all those who immersed themselves into “Hear The Bill.”
Just ask any number of people (myself included) who have been helped by podcasts, training seminars, workshops, and production tips shared by industry professionals who are ‘sharing the wealth.’

No money attached, no long range ‘game’… just a ‘word’ at the right time to the right people! Just as the right phrasing, diction and performance can make any good project great, the ‘fitly spoken’ word can make the artist or the situation better where they need to be.
If there’s one thing I want to train myself to do (aside from being able to say ‘community’ without my lips crampin’ up) is to always have a fitly spoken word ready! An ‘atta-boy/girl’, a ‘good job’ or a ‘don’t give up’ at the right time is like…well…like “…apples of gold…”
Thanks for listening and Happy Voicing!!
Herb Merriweather
© Moiseeva


  1. I completely agree. The right word, the right time, the right delivery, can make magic. It’s an art, for sure. As I read this post, I was reminded of something I watched on the social observer George Carlin, where he also talked about the importance of not so much words themselves, but the feeling, the delivery, the way they were pronounced, and what they really meant.
    Great post! Got me thinkin!

  2. Herb, sincere, encouraging words are so powerful in both your private & business life. I think it comes down to genuine caring & empathy for others and remembering WE never know it all, never will and WE can all benefit from the fitly spoken word of hope !
    IAN in Oz.


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