Kari WahlgrenEarlier today, I happened to be visiting the Adventures in Odyssey blog and noticed a great interview with voice actress, Kari Wahlgren.

Kari has been featured on VOX Daily a number of times and it is always nice to see continued success.
Kari Wahlgren has also voiced roles in animated films such as Kung Fu Panda and Bolt among others.

After a number of years, Kari’s voice has returned to the Adventures in Odyssey radio program, voicing the role of a British Nanny, Maria, in episode 676: An Agreeable Nanny.
Hear about how she booked her first role as Gloria McCoy and also listen in to enjoy her most recent work in this series now!

Adventures in Voice Acting, Odyssey Style

Kari Wahlgren was first heard on the radio drama Adventures in Odyssey in 1988 performing the role of “Gloria McCoy” in the episode, Camp What-A-Nut. Adventures in Odyssey first aired in 1987 and the show’s daily audience averages around 1.2 million within North America.

On Kari’s eleventh birthday, she was on a road trip across the country with her family. They were in California. At the time, Focus on the Family was based in California (now in Colorado). Kari’s family took a tour of the building and at that time, Adventures in Odyssey happened to be looking for an eleven year old girl to play Gloria.

Someone asked her if she’d like to audition and she booked it on the spot!
A couple of decades later, Kari has returned to Adventures in Odyssey but this time as a British Nanny in “An Agreeable Nanny.”

The episode is described as follows:
The Parker family kids are convinced that they are too grown-up for a babysitter. A parents’ night out, a nanny named Maria, and the neighbor’s dog Bruno may be their opportunity to prove themselves.
Sounds like a great episode, especially for kids around the age where they think they can take care of themselves!

Do You Listen to Adventures in Odyssey?

If so, I’d love to hear from you!
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  1. Kari is SUCH a nice lady! We used to listen to Adventures in Odyssey. I sent a note to Kari a couple months ago, when my youngest daughter wondered who did the voice of a character named Shellsea from “Fish Hooks”. I told her Samantha does voiceover as well and asked Kari if she would send a note over to her because she goes around imitating the voice of Shellsea quite often. It wasn’t 10 minutes before she had emailed letting me know that she sent a personal note over to her. Sam checked her email and was THRILLED that Kari would take time to do that.
    So, she’s a CLASS ACT in our book! EXTREMELY talented is not sufficient, so I’ll just call her amazing!

  2. Yes I just recently got my hands on a nice collection of albums that they’ve released going back to the days when it was called Odyssey USA. Great work all-around on those episodes. Stellar voice acting, superb sound design and fantastic scripts.

  3. Stephanie
    I have listened to Adventures in Odyssey and our kids have for years. I also remember when Focus was in Pomona, CA. Thanks for the great story on Kari.


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