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Advertising companies use a variety of services and facilities offered by sound recording studios, including commercial spot production, audio post-production and duplication services.

There is a shift happening in this industry that is greatly impacted by an often overlooked, yet significant component; voice-over.

Agencies and brands are switching from large outside recording studios to independents to meet their budgets, shortened project timelines, and a growing network of talent who are ready to collaborate.

What’s Going On?

As well, Antonio Danova’s IBSWorld Industry Report 51224: Audio Production Studios in the US from August 2012 states that of the registered recording studios, only 8% are wholly dedicated to commercial spot production, further evidence that the vast majority of commercials are now produced not in large recording studios, but, rather, by professionally-trained, independent owners who operate small home-based studios.

This shift within the advertising industry is a positive move that is aligned with how the voice-over marketplace has evolved over the past decade. We are operating within a 100-year-old system that is facing revolutionary changes as market needs and preferences change to accommodate a new way of doing things.

This is why Voices.com is interested in exploring just how much these changes are affecting the business of voice-over and how it applies to the advertising industry. This is being done through an industry survey that all business clients of Voices.com are invited to participate in.

Join The Conversation: Take the Survey!

The survey, which only takes about 2 minutes to complete, can be found at:

We’re closing the survey at 11:59pm on Sunday July 12th, so hurry to share your insights.
Insights from you, the experts, will be shared later this summer as a report that will help inform your work for 2016.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance for participating!

Trisha Beausaert


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