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What’s Going On?

AFTRA has just announced (January 14, 2009) their new agreement with, one of the Internet’s largest online distributors of audiobooks. This initial agreement is effective through June 30, 2010. The agreement, which is the first agreement between AFTRA and was reviewed and unanimously approved in November by AFTRA’s Administrative Committee.

What’s Meant to Be Achieved By This?

AFTRA and Audible’s agreement establishes minimum rates and employer contributions to the AFTRA Health & Retirement Plans for AFTRA members working on audiobooks produced by

How Will This Affect AFTRA Talent?

If you’re an AFTRA member working on an audiobook produced by, you will be provided with even more opportunities to earn solid wages and accrue union health care and pension benefits.
“This agreement with will provide AFTRA members with even more opportunities to earn solid wages and accrue union health care and pension benefits,” said Richard Ferrone, AFTRA New York member and Chair of the AFTRA National Audiobooks Caucus.

What Will This Agreement Do For Audible?

CEO and founder of Audible, Donald Katz, relates, “Quality work by talented performers is key to the literate listening experience was founded to advance… This new association will allow Audible’s listeners around the world to hear the voices of AFTRA’s tremendous pool of gifted actors and audiobook narrators.”

AFTRA’s Recent Negotiations Track Record

In the past year, AFTRA members have successfully negotiated a number of important contracts, including the Sound Recordings Code, Network TV Code, Primetime Exhibit A of the Network Code, Non-Broadcast/Industrial Code, CBS/ABC Network Staff News and the AFTRA Interactive Media Agreement.

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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I am a member of Richard’s Caucus and am thrilled that has signed this agreement. It’s a huge step in the right direction and I hope all AFTRA narrators will get behind this effort. Well done AFTRA and thank you Stephanie for spreading the news.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I can’t find any information other than the press release re: the actual contract on AFTRA’s website. Is the contract somewhere online yet?
    Thanks for the story