“Great mimic of voices” and broadcast talent Allan Melvin passed away on Thursday January 17th, 2008 after a bout with cancer at his home in Brentwood leaving behind his wife of 64 years, Amalia, one daughter, a grandson and a body of cartoon voice-over work including the voices of Magilla Gorilla and Bluto on “Popeye.”

Born on February 18, 1923, in Kansas City, Mo. his family soon moved to New York City where he graduated from Columbia University as a journalism major.

After launching his show business career in the sound effects department of NBC radio in New York in 1944, Melvin began acting on radio soap operas and then moved into live television.

Melvin retired from acting about 10 years ago — long after becoming a household face who was used to people spotting him in public and saying, “Hey, Henshaw” or “Hey, Sam the Butcher.”

“I’ve enjoyed the stuff I’ve done,” he told People magazine in 1996, “but the one you’re getting paid for, that’s what you enjoy most.”

In addition to his wife, he is survived by a daughter, Jennifer Hanson; and a grandson.

Services will be private.

Source: Los Angeles Times


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