Man smiling, woman in backgroundHave you ever had an experience related to voice over that made a significant impact on you?

Recently Linwood Powell was invited to an event where the live announcing was provided by Steve Zirnkilton, the Voice of Law & Order.
Hear more about his experience now on VOX Daily and share your story, too!

The Greatest Experience of My Life

Submitted by Linwood Powell
I had the greatest experience of my life on my birthday. Steve Zirnkilton (VO of LAW AND ORDER) invited me to this year’s National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) here in Washington, DC to recognize police officers nationally.
But the real treat for me was observing Steve Zirnkilton live with the VO. It was AWESOME. I really enjoyed it.

A week later and I am still on a high from what I learned and this once in a lifetime experience. My head is still spinning.
The opportunity to meet this year’s heroic officers (not just the winners of the awards; but some of America’s Top Cops) was just the best. Also, I had the opportunity to meet John Walsh and some of the casts from NCIS, 24, and Law and Order.

Pivotal Moments

Maybe you’ve had an experience directly related to your voice over career that gave you a boost. Can you think of anything that spurred you on to reach higher, achieve something or gave you more confidence in your abilities as a voice over artist?
Whether it was hearing someone speak, being mentored or taking part in an activity that rocked your world, these experiences are monumental and should be celebrated!
What’s your story?
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
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  1. I had done several things for our church and then did some commercials & PSAs and lots of video narration for local companies and people who had heard me elsewhere. I have always considered my voice as a gift from God. Now I am reaching out trying to use it more widely. I hope everything I do can be to His glory.

  2. My younger step brother ran away when he was 16, I had not heard from him in 22 years. He found me on facebook one day and then during our first phone conversation I told him I was doing IVR online… he asked me if I was on I had never heard of the site before, but that was the beginning of a new chapter and I am so happy to be part of Voices!! Oh, and happy to have a little brother again too!

  3. There were two pivotal moments in my voiceover career.
    The first was when the manager of a local studio I worked at gave me a pep talk and encouraged me to believe in myself and build my own website and studio. Thanks to his words of encouragement, I did.
    The second was when my little son was diagnosed with autism a year ago. He was (and usually still is) silent. My love of voiceover stems from my love of language and the intricacies of verbal expression – something that is extremely difficult and foreign to him. I felt devastated that I would not be able to share with him something that is so much a part of who I am.
    His diagnosis made me realize that as wonderful as our profession is, there is something more basic and more important: the ability to talk. We tend to take plain vanilla speech for granted, and we shouldn’t. We should be grateful not only for our artistic abilities in the realm of voice, but for our very ability to speak at all.

  4. A teacher once noticed I didn’t allow myself to have fun at work. It’s like I had to suffer or something. I quickly agreed and since I have been having fun? My career is reaching new heights and I ain’t never looking back!

  5. When a booker at one of the studios I work in said: “I don’t think there’s any read you can’t do.” I know that isn’t true in a literal sense, but it sure opened my mind to the possibility that I could do much more than I had previously thought, voice-wise.


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