Andy Serkis with Matt Cowlrick
As promised in my interview with Matt Cowlrick earlier this month, I have some exciting news from the world of broadcast television that gives you a behind the scenes look at how the Gollum-Off went last week.
Pictured above are Matt Cowlrick with the man of the hour, Andy Serkis.
Watch the segment and hear about Matt’s experience on VOX Daily!

VOX: Thank you for coming back on the blog and for sharing your news, Matt. Now that you’ve been on the Richard and Judy Show, I’m eager to ask those follow up questions 🙂 What was the atmosphere like?
MATT COWLRICK: It was a whole heap of fun! Though there were a bunch of celebrities hanging out on the show, not many people took themselves too seriously. I didn’t know what to expect at first, and was beginning to think it was going to be quite formal, as I was picked up in a fancy black car and there were a lot of ‘procedures’ being carried out at the start of the show. It turned out that it was all laid back once we got in there.

VOX: How many other contestants were there?
MATT COWLRICK: There were two other impressionists. Dougie, who entered Britain’s Got Talent with his Gollum impression, and Hilary, who has done work as a Gollum ‘look-a-like’! It’s always fun to meet other people that are as strange as me.

VOX: Did you just have to walk up and do you impression or was there any preamble?
MATT COWLRICK: We mingled around in the ‘stage bar’ for most of the show. That is where Andy Serkis and all the other special guests were before they went onstage to speak with Richard and Judy. We hung out there with the comedian Stephen K. Amos, and he was the one who introduced the people in the bar to the camera.

VOX: How long did you spent preparing for this moment?
MATT COWLRICK: I didn’t want to think too much about it, as I was already really nervous about making a ‘screen appearance’. I figured that if I went in there and just had a good time, it would come across better than if I tried to prepare a perfect impression and rehearsed a whole scene or skit. Once I reached the moment, it ended up being fun!
So I didn’t spend the day or evening before stressing too much. Funnily enough, my standard day is probably quite similar to Gollum’s (I’m sure my fellow voice actors will agree) – cooped up in a small space, talking to myself.

VOX: Did you get any feedback directly from Andy Serkis?
MATT COWLRICK: I spoke to Andy afterwards and he said the impression was excellent, and that it was a tough one to pick out a winner. Unfortunately he had to dash off pretty quickly, so there wasn’t too much time to chat. He enjoyed being on the show, and seemed to be amused by our sound-a-like efforts. He’s an extremely approachable guy and a top bloke.

VOX: Have you been recognized on the streets as one of the people on the show?
MATT COWLRICK: Other than a couple of people deliberately going out of their way to avoid me on the street… no, just kidding. No recognition as of yet, and you won’t catch me doing an impression to a policeman in order to get out of a speeding fine. I just don’t think it would work in my favour.

VOX: Has the show lead to anything new for you prospect wise in your career?
MATT COWLRICK: Being a TV program, there isn’t much I can pursue directly as a voiceover artist. However I have made contacts at the studio now, so you never know where that may lead. You need that mentality in this industry, as you never know where the next job is going to come from.

VOX: What was your favourite moment during the show?
MATT COWLRICK: It had to be meeting the man himself! Andy Serkis has been a real inspiration to me, since first seeing him in the first Lord of the Rings movie.

VOX: Do you have a snippet you could share with us?

VOX: So Matt, what’s next for you?
MATT COWLRICK: I have had contact with two of the agents here in London, and will be meeting with them in the next week. London is a big town, so I’m still exploring around the place and meeting industry contacts that I only know via the internet. Other than that, I am continuing work with the Australian Comedy Network and clients back in Oz. Oh, and taking advantage of all the wonderful culture in London – I’m in paradise!
Thank you to those who followed along with this little event – I really appreciate your support. Now you can laugh acting the goat again, but at least I’m not in a loin cloth this time!

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