MCM VoiceoversMary McKitrick, professional voice actor and avid blogger, recently composed a lengthy article about charging rates in the voice over industry.

Mary stated in her post “Most of my colleagues in the business of voice-over find setting rates to be the most difficult part of their job. I would like to examine this issue in some detail, and I must warn you this is a long post – the longest one I’ve ever written.”

Some of the reasons why it is so difficult to set voice-over rates, as further explained in the article, are:

  • The going rate for voice-over varies geographically
  • The perception that doing voice-overs is easy
  • The cost of running a voice-over business
  • The actual voice-over of voice-over

This information is critical to the success of any voice acting business and is most useful to those starting out in voice over or considering a career in voice acting.

To read the full article and gain invaluable insight, visit the source referenced below.

Source: MCM Voices Voiceover Blog


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