Think podcasting is going out of style? Think again.

On Monday Apple announced iTunes podcasts surpassed a major milestone with 1 billion subscriptions worldwide. According to MacWorld, that’s across 250,000 unique podcasts, in more than 100 languages, with 8 million podcasts published to the iTunes Store to date.

Apple doesn’t directly make money off of podcasts and they didn’t create the concept but, with dedicated editorial staff to monitor it, the company has made significant investments in their podcast section for iTunes.

The popularity has continued to grow over the last ten years and with products like GarageBand offering specific support for podcasts it’s easy to browse, access, and subscribe to podcasts. Free podcasting kits make it easier than ever to create them.

With Smartphones podcasts become a mobile form of entertainment. Subscribers can listen to their favorite book, drama, audio blog, and news or education source whenever and wherever the distraction is welcome.

That’s good news for voice actors. The steadily growing popularity of podcasts, easy accessibility, and mobile nature could feed more podcasting jobs to the market.

Source: MacWorld

Flickr CC/Colleen AF Venable



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