Many video games are centered out for their voice acting in gamer reviews, and happily, Aquaria, created by Bit Blot partners Alec Holowka and Derek Yu, came with positive ratings from GlobeandMail journalist, Scott Colbourne.

Aquaria, a two-dimensional game role playing game for the PC designed in the style of computer games from a couple of decades ago, and is an underwater world full of beautiful, hand-drawn imagery including scenic caves, reefs and colourful creatures.

The protagonist, Naija, is a mercreature of sorts, and it is the gamer’s responsibility to guide Naija through a number of situations and attain goals.

“Throughout this story, Naija becomes a fully formed character (thanks to voice actor Jenna Sharpe, who does a great job). She expresses doubts and insecurities and soon it becomes apparent that she, like her sprawling home, has more depth than meets the eye. In fact, Aquaria, if you give it time to boil, starts to feel like the first 10 minutes of Pan’s Labyrinth — a dark fairy tale taking place underneath our feet — played out over 16 to 20 hours.” – Scott Colbourne.

When Voice Over Times caught up with Jenna Sharpe in the UK, she revealed the following about her experience:

“Games have evolved into a cultural phenomena and offer more opportunities for interactivity and control than most other media. Voice acting plays a key role not only in setting the mood and communicating the story but also in forging an emotional connection with the player.

Part of Aquaria’s appeal is that people relate to Naija as a character and to her story. In one of my first lines in the game Naija explains ‘My story will become your own, and yours will become mine’.

For me this is the mark of a good game. Naija experiences a whole range of emotions and hopefully my ability to portray them helps immerse the player further into the game and makes it an emotional journey as well as lots of fun!”

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