Not according to the Emmys.

The audio production team for the critically acclaimed nature series “Wild View” won a regional Emmy award for their work on the documentary, well, everyone except for narrator Mary McKitrick.

Photographed on left, McKitrick is holding the iconic statue but was not permitted take actually take one home. Evidently narrators are not recognized by the Emmys as being a part of the audio production team.

This struck a nerve in the voice over industry which instigated a call to action to have narrators fairly recognized at the Emmys for their contributions to audio productions. A Facebook page has been developed to draw attention to the issue and will be presented to the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) if enough support for the cause is shown.

The goal of this appeal is to have the NATAS review and update their awards criteria to include either categories for or the inclusion of narrators as E Award recipients in its regional and national awards and to finally get Mary McKitrick her Emmy statue.



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