AudiobooksWhat makes you pick up an audio book?
While some people love hearing their favorite stories read aloud to them, others prefer to collect the performances of their favorite narrators, regardless of the content.
Which audiobook selection philosophy do you follow?

How do you choose the audiobooks that you listen to?
While some of you may subscribe to the works of an author or like a particular genre of literature, there’s also a group of you who might also make your decision based upon who is narrating the audiobook! To give an example of who those narrators might be, they could be professional voice actors, well known actors from film, and perhaps even the authors themselves.

A few examples, if I may:
Professional narrators who have been featured on VOX Daily in the past year include Marc Cashman, Bettye Zoller, and Janis Panizza among others.
Film actors who have ventured into narrating audiobooks include Liam Neeson, David Suchet, and Kelly Ripa from the Regis and Kelly show.
A great example of an author narrating an audio book is Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, who enjoys reading his own material for audiences.
Another person synonymous with reading their own works is children’s storyteller, Robert Munsch.

That’s a look at listening to audiobooks because of the narrator.
Now, what about listening to an audiobook simply for the love of the content?
I think I’d listen to just about anybody who could read a Maeve Binchy or Isabel Allende audiobook because I am a big fan of those two writers.
When it comes to non-fiction or historical works, more emphasis would be placed on the content for me than the narrator, but that’s just my take on things. You could liken this to going to see a movie in a particular genre that you find appealing regardless of who is acting in it.

Maybe the actors provide an extra incentive to go see the movie, but for those who are content centric, having a favorite actor in the mix just makes the story come to life all the more. In this case, the actors are nearly irrelevant because content is preferred over performance. So, now that we’ve looked at the two different philosophies, what does it come down to for you?
Content OR Narrator?
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  1. I’ll listen to almost any audiobook narrated by Scott Brick.
    That said, I usually turn away from authors who read their own stuff. Harlen Coben ruined his last Myron Bolitar book by reading it himself.


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