Yes, humour can reside in the booth when recording long form narration!
Watch Kirby Heyborne as he talks about narrating audiobooks.

Audiobook Narration Can Be Fun!

Going into the Victoria Day weekend (Canada), and also APAC and the Audies, I thought it would be fun to share a laugh-out-loud funny video about audiobook narration I found on

With comedic timing and humour the likes of Steve Carell, musician, actor and narrator Kirby Heyborne does a great job of bringing the funny into audio recording.
When I asked some of you via Facebook what makes audiobook recording fun, I received the following answers:

“The first audiobook that I narrated was a self-help book. I had the privilege of working closely with the author who encouraged me to read honestly and intimately through each chapter. It was an amazing experience! When I listen to it now, I still hear the segments that touched me deeply during the recording sessions.”
Glad Faith Klassen
“I just enjoy telling a story. The more characters in the book, the better.”
Brian Bascle

What Makes Audiobook Narration “Fun” For You?

Looking forward to your thoughts! Comments regarding Kirby’s video are also welcome 🙂


  1. I got my first audiobook job through I’ve recorded 6 books so far and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had as a vo artist. I want MORE!!! I have encountered Russian, Chinese, South Carolina Southern and Australian accents in the mysteries, which was certainly challenging, but THEN I read a British history book and have never in my life encountered so many tough Old English pronunciations, so I had to work with the author on that one. It is a blast, and I am working towards finding more!

  2. First, regarding Kirby’s video: That was fun. It made me laugh!
    Thank you.
    I’ve recorded fiction, non-fiction and even some textbook material.
    I think novels, short-stories, etc. are some of the Most Fun it’s possible to have as an actor! I Love the fact that I get to play Everyone, all the men, all the women, older folks, kids….
    I so enjoy using various accents and voice ages.
    Truly hoping God has more of this in store for my future.
    Anyone who gets to do this is truly blessed.
    Matilda Novak

  3. “Hey! Did you hear that? No facial hair that time. It’s a gift. I love Nair-ating.
    And yes, put the smile away. Your finished recording showed 00:00:00. Your smile forgot to press the record button.


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