Articles by David Ciccarelli

Introducing Project Marketplace: Graphic of Managing Projects on Voices
A New Way to Earn on Voices: Create Your Projects Now...

We’re pleased to introduce Project Marketplace, a new way to get discovered and hired by clients. Project Marketplace will provide you with another way to...

Tools and Resources
5 Ways to Increase Productivity in Project Management

Here are five of the most creative productivity hacks, so that you can increase productivity and manage projects and deadlines like a boss.

How to Pick the Perfect Monologue for Auditions

Whether you’re a seasoned voice over artist or new to the voice acting experience, it will benefit you to expand your monologue repertoire.

Shock mount
Microphone Shock Mounts – What They Are and Why...

A quality shock mount is a worthwhile consideration for any voice actor. If your kit doesn’t include a shock mount, you’re missing out.

Actors on stage rehearsing with scripts in hand
Top Acting Schools in LA

A list of the top eight acting schools in Los Angeles. Find the school that meets your needs to help you achieve success as an actor.

A picture depicting a microphone with pop screen in a home recording studio
Home Studio
How to Soundproof a Room in Your Home Recording Studio

Soundproofing a room can be tough but Voices is here to help! Learn the do's & don'ts of soundproofing rooms to filter out unwanted noise.

Illustration of a young boy with letters coming out of his mouth to express vocal direction.
Voice Over
How to Give the Best Voice Over Direction

When creating elearning narration you should learn how to give the best voice over direction through tools like a great script.

Woman sitting on floor and playing the guitar.
7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block for Songwriters

It can be a challenge to overcome writer’s block, particularly if it’s your first time with it! These seven tips should help you get started, whatever the...

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Voice Actor Job Descriptions

Animation Voice Actor Job Description Template Summary: We are looking for a qualified and experienced voice actor who will thrive in a dynamic, collaborative...

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Marketing Job Descriptions

Brand Manager Job Description Template The Brand Manager is responsible for our brand's image, experience, and promise. As Brand Manager, your role is to be...

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Music Industry Job Descriptions

Studio Musician Job Description Summary: A studio musician backs other artists during live performances or in the studio. The studio musician must be able to...

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Film Industry Job Descriptions

Dialog Editor Job Description Template Summary: The dialogue editor collates, edits, and synchronizes recorded dialogue for a film, television show or video...