Articles by David Ciccarelli

A lawyer writing in a notebook in his office.
Are AI Voices Legal?

As we delve into the world of AI-generated voices in 2023, it is essential to examine the legal implications associated with their utilization.

Voice Acting
Talk Like a New Yorker: The Ultimate Guide to the NY...

Each of the five boroughs of New York City has its own distinct accent and pronunciation quirks. Learn how to speak with a New York accent.

Voice Acting
10 Strategies to Master a Russian Accent

Understanding the intricacies of the Russian language is essential for developing an authentic Russian accent. Here's how to do a Russian accent!

Voice Acting
The Power of Ethos Pathos Logos: How to Effectively...

Get a comprehensive guide to discover the secrets behind these persuasive techniques and learn how to harness their full potential.

Girl sits by a tree with headphones looking at a tablet
How to Improve Learning Retention for Training Content

Creating engaging training content is no small feat. Learn how to employ voice over to develop training material that learners can remember.

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Learn to Speak with a Boston Accent: A Guide for 2023

Ever wondered how to talk like a true Bostonian? From dropping R’s to mastering local slang, this guide will help you sound like a local in no time. You may...

Soundproof room with foam
Building a WhisperRoom Replica on a Budget in 2023

Whisper Room recording booths are awesome. But if you can't afford to buy one right now, here's how to build your own while you save up!

Illustration depicts a man wearing headphones sitting in front of a computer with audio editing software open.
Building a Home Studio – How to Assess Your Space

There are many considerations that impact sound when building a home studio. Learn how to assess a room & set up a suitable recording space.

A picture depicting a microphone with pop screen in a home recording studio
How to Soundproof a Room in Your Home Recording Studio

Soundproofing a room can be tough but Voices is here to help! Learn the do's & don'ts of soundproofing rooms to filter out unwanted noise.

Create the Perfect Vocal Booth: How to Record...

Select the ideal vocal booth be it a professional, DIY, and portable booth to achieving the best sound quality. Read reviews and get tips now!

Unlocking the Secrets to Becoming a Successful Podcast...

I'll share how you can establish your credibility, find the right podcasts, craft a compelling pitch, make the most of your guest appearance.

Get the Most Out of Adobe Audition 2023

Adobe Audition is a powerful audio editor and workstation. It enables students, teachers, and businesses to create, mix, edit, and repair sound files