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Young woman listening to educational podcast
Educational Podcasts: Learning Through Audio

Educational podcasts are a strong way to enlighten your listeners with educational content. Get inspiration and learn how to create your own!

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Track Your Performance with Enhanced Statistics

Exclusively available for our Premium and Platinum talent, we’ve given the Statistics tab of talent Profiles a complete overhaul.

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What We Launched in Spring 2020

A number of different and powerful new and updated features were released on our platform over the spring 2020. See them here.

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Microphone positioned in front of open book
Fiction Podcasts and the Next Generation of Audio Storytellers

Fiction podcasts have exploded into one of the most popular new storytelling mediums. Learn what it takes to create your own fiction podcast.

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Smiling bearded voice actor holding a water bottle
How Do You Maintain a Healthy Voice?

When you have a sore throat, phlegm up to your ears, or you're vocally tired, how do you maintain a healthy voice? Find out!

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Voices Enterprise: Your Solution for Voice Over at...

We’re excited to announce our latest client membership plan: Voices Enterprise, your creative team's solution for voice over at scale.

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Young woman working on laptop
Translating Your Corporate Training

Translating your training into multiple languages is the ideal way to address the needs of your learners and expand into a global market.

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Vocal Exercises and Preparing for Your Day

Prepare for your day as a voice actor with a handful of vocal exercises and other vocal performance tips shared by the Voices Insiders.

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Two jovial podcasts hosts sit with microphones
The Complete History of Podcasts

Can you imagine a world before podcasts? We deconstruct the history of podcasts, the rapidly growing medium that shows zero signs of slowing.

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Young smiling woman sits in recording studio wearing headphones
Top 14 Audio Engineering Schools for 2020

From LA to Toronto, we’ve compiled a list of the best audio engineering schools to help you make it in the audio production industry in 2020.

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Work with Talent in Real-Time with Live Directed...

Need talent for a live directed session? Our new search filters and talent profiles allow you to find the right talent for your project.

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Young woman recording podcast
How to Submit a Podcast

Learn how to submit a podcast to all the major audio platforms, including iTunes, Google, and Spotify, to share your message with the world.

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