infant-hearing-finger-on-ear.jpgIn an industry centered around the spoken word, much of what voice talent and marketers to is communicate a message so that it can be heard and then acted upon by the target audience.
That being said, many of us are tuned out to the fact that there are people in our midst who cannot hear.
Join me in today’s VOX Daily and watch some miracles take place that will give you a greater appreciation for the gift of hearing.

Words Cannot Express

This 8 month old baby, Jonathan, was born deaf. Watch the moment as his cochlear implant is activated and he hears sound for the first time, and his mother’s voice. I’ve included a couple more videos in this post that are similar.

Marielle Hearing For The First Time

Cooper Hearing For The First Time

How Did These Videos Make You Feel?

Watching people restored in some capacity is an amazing thing. If you cried or were moved, you are not alone.
There are many, many more videos of this kind on YouTube. Some of the videos I found of adults hearing for the first time or regaining their hearing were very long and give you a different window into what being able to hear means.
How does watching videos like these make you feel? Be sure to share your thoughts by leaving a comment.
Best wishes,

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  1. It definitely pulls at the heart strings. Sometimes we take the little things for granted and this was a nice reminder to be thankful and grateful for what we have. The gift of hearing is something to be cherished. Great article!

  2. Stephanie, it’s great that you shared these video clips. As Ashley wrote, we tend to take our good hearing for granted, but it truly is a priceless gift, and one that needs to be protected.
    Before getting into the voiceover business full-time I was an audiologist, working in clinical and industrial settings. The most common cause of hearing loss in adults is exposure to high noise levels without adequate hearing protection. When you use headphones while recording or editing, or to listen to music, keep them at a comfortable, moderate volume level. And if you use power tools, chain saws, or other loud equipment, be sure that you wear hearing protection.