Giving voice to Jessica Lange or Winona Ryder and Nicole Kidman is just one aspect of Carole Wyand’s experience as a voice-over actress.

She has also, over time, become a medical narration specialist because she has a talent with words.

“I can say words like ‘trimethoprimsulfamethoxide,'” Wyand said. “And I can sound like I know what I’m talking about when I don’t. And I can do it in an interesting manner. My bread and butter is in the medical field.”

Wyand will be sharing her talent and helping participants find their own during a voice-over workshop held during the upcoming White Sands International Film Festival.

“Voice-overs are not only for actors but also for regular people too,” she said.

Voice-overs are used for numerous things, Wyand said. The talent is needed for commercials, animation, on computer programs, audio books, corporations, the medical field and the much dreaded phone menus heard when calling a business.

Learning about voice-overs also is a great benefit in the area of public speaking, Wyand said.

“You know how you come across to an audience,” Wyand said. “That’s what you are learning. It’s being comfortable with your voice.”

The workshop is about being comfortable with one’s own voice, experience and being comfortable in front of a microphone. Wyand will work with people to help them be aware of their own voices, pace their delivery and not to be afraid.

Wyand thinks people are afraid of speaking publicly or on tape. She said voice-overs are not about vocal qualities, they are about attitudes.

“The voice doesn’t lie,” she said. “It communicates if you are excited or worried. Putting a smile in your voice can be as simple as putting a smile on your face.”

The workshop will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, March 22 at the First National Bank Atrium. Tickets are $40 to participate and $20 to audit the class without participating.

There is room in the class for 10 participants, but if it fills up, Wyand said she is willing to hold a second workshop later in the day.

“For an actor (the workshop) is for really voice acting, and it’s for the average person who wants to improve their public speaking,” She said. “People should not worry about regional accents. You can learn to annunciate better, but don’t hesitate because of a regional accent.”

Wyand also said voice-over can be done anywhere, not just New York and California. “Technology can send your voice anywhere,” she said.

“If you keep the essence of who you are, you can acquire a delivery you can use in meetings, auditions and acting roles,” Wyand said.

Source: Alamogordo Daily News


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