Jesse Springer Voice TalentAnd now for something completely different!
Enjoy this break from academia courtesy of Jesse Charles Springer (pictured here) and his interview “Behind the Mic” with promo and movie trailer voice actor Ben Patrick Johnson.

Jesse Springer, a voice talent, interviewed voice actor Ben Patrick Johnson at Ben’s home in Beverly Hills, California.
What you are about to see is the very interview itself!

Awesome work Jesse and thanks for sharing!
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Image © Jesse Springer

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement, guys!
    Long story short, I kinda knew Ben through a friend of a friend. Since I have a background in film – and am actually in film school in Anaheim – I decided to bring my crew together and do a short “documentary” about a subject that interests me more than anything else.
    I called his studio manager, JW, and we worked out the details, and Ben my crew and I just hung out for an afternoon, played with his new gear, and shot the interview and studio footage. ISDN sessions are fun, but believe me, not as fun as they are with BPJ!
    I’m working on making a full documentary with this. Joe Cipriano, BPJ, and a number of others have already signed on. Now, just a matter of working all the details out!
    I also may shoot a shorter one about the difficulties in getting STARTED in VO, which as we all know is the hardest part!

  2. Thanks a lot for this insightful video.
    I have been following the career of Ben Patrick Johnson, Don LaFontaine, Joe Cipriano, and Rick Party from B.E.T for a long time now.
    As someone from the Caribbean just starting off in the industry as a voicecaster, I hope to someday make a decent living from voiceovers.


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