Bettye Zoller’s voice and speech teacher, has been selected as voice speech coach for publicity agents of the chefs on the hit TV show on BRAVO called, “Top Chef”, many of whom now have jobs at trade shows, endorsements for cookware, working TV interviews, personal appearances, infomercials, and more.

When asked about whether or not she worked with the chefs directly, Bettye replied, “If a chef needs voice and speech work of some sort, I am called on to improve that person’s communication skills.”

Bettye Zoller began coaching voice and speech in the 1990s when, with three partners, she formed a corporation specializing in corporate training and coaching activities. The corporation also published many books and audio books, several of which were best sellers.

One title, “How to Get What You Want on the Telephone Every Time” was an Audio Book Club Best Seller and still is sold worldwide. It is one eight-minute CD. Another publication, “TALK: The Toolkit for Talkers” continues to enjoy top sales worldwide. The corporation was legally dissolved in 2002 by mutual agreement with the partners moved on to pursue other projects.

Since 2002, Bettye Zoller has been concentrating on voiceovers, audio recording activities, voiceover coaching and teaching but still accepts corporate and private voice speech assignments. Over the years, she has coached politicians, top officials and countless celebrities from the worlds of film, TV, radio, and pageants.

Recent clients of Bettye Zoller include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blockbuster Video Corporate, Closed Captioning Institute, several U.S. government agencies and celebrities on television.

Bettye Zoller shares, “The thing I like most about voice and speech improvement coaching is that, literally, I CHANGE people’s lives. I have quotes and letters to that effect over the years saying, ‘I wouldn’t have my job without you,’ ‘You are the reason I got my promotion,’ ‘I now can speak in public and I’m selling so many more of my books because of it’ and so on. It’s gratifying! I also teach dialect and accent minimization to the foreign-born (and I also reduce regional accents in one’s native language) and do this for actors as well as voice talents and also business clients not in the arts. One never loses one’s accent or dialect totally, but it can be ‘masked’ and ‘minimized.'”

Bettye also teaches the acquisition of some accents, primarily Italian, German, French, New Yorker, deep Southern U.S. and some others and is a proud member of VASTA, Voice and Speech Trainers Association. A serving member on several college and university faculties over the years, she is degreed through PH.D. studies with two Masters Degrees.

Source: Bettye Zoller


  1. I am interested in getting coaching for speech. Do you coach private individuals? If so, my cell is 917 359-4004. I will be in NY tomorrow. Sandy


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