Man framing the future with his handsHow can you work toward getting an increased number of opportunities and booked voice over jobs?

I’ve got a few ideas for you on what seems to be working for a number of talent experiencing success at… that, and some bonus tips and hints that may change the way you attract business for the better.

How Prepared Are You For Success?

What does it take to get work at
Whether you’re attracting clients to your Profile or auditioning for voice acting jobs, you want to be putting your best foot forward and presenting prospective customers with your brand and how you can serve them.

Every time you audition, there are opportunities to do this is a very unique way, however, most people forget that their Profile is more often than not the source of work opportunities from clients interested in your talent specifically.

What 3 Things Should You Be Doing to Achieve Success?

You’ll want to make sure that you are:
๏ Keeping all fields in your profile current and complete
๏ Making use of all the tools available for promoting your voice at
๏ Auditioning regularly
The keys to the kingdom and your subsequent success all directly relate to how well you’ve optimized your profile, showcased your demos and how you approach auditions. We covered a lot of this in our teleseminar on Power Profiles.

What Are People Who Book Regularly Doing in Their Auditions?

Based upon what I’ve heard, these talent:
1. Were the right voice for the job
2. Quoted an amount that the client is prepared to pay
3. Customized auditions (both demos and proposals)
4. Made the client feel at ease and reassured them of their professionalism
5. Added value to the customer and had a Unique Selling Proposition
6. Were able to identify and relieve their customers’ “pain”
When you get right down to it, people who book as their own agent have mastered the arts of communication and marketing and are able to meet the artistic and technical needs of their clients.

Attention to detail is another quality that can earn you someone’s business.
Want proof? Check out this glowing testimonial from a client (Avalanche Multimedia Productions) that Michelle Falzon worked with at

If you are an annual Premium or Platinum member at and wish to access the Power Profiles audio recording and PDF materials, email or contact us through this online form and let us know.

Have These Ideas Helped, Inspired and or Affirmed?

I love to hear from VOX Daily readers! What do you think it takes to book regularly as a professional voice over talent online?
Best wishes,
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  1. Stephanie,
    I just sent an email of thanks to Jessica for a great deal of help-plus safe, happy holidays to you and yours. Old Pro that I am, I still learn something new everyday. Responding to this VOX, I think most important is developing and maintaining contacts. I had an unexpected call yesterday from a previous client and booked 3 TV voiceovers for Cox Cable in Las Vegas.
    More later—and a better 2010 to us all!!
    Del Roy

  2. I dont have my own homw studio. I record locally in Memphis for at 100 dollars per hour. How much does it adversely affect talent to not have thier own home recording studio?


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