Source-Connect, one of the most commonly used ISDN alternatives, today announced a major new release for Source-Connect Standard and Pro 3.7 for Windows. The Standalone software to the Microsoft® Windows® operating system now brings all the power of Source-Connect to audio professionals working on Windows.

Source-Connect 3.7 runs as a Standalone application, no longer needing complicated DAW setups, while still allowing the user to work directly in their DAW of choice and take advantage of the full feature-set of Source-Connect Standard and Pro. Built with voice actors in mind, it allows greater mobility with its ability to run on any modern Windows tablet, laptop or computer.

Pro-voice talent Joe Cipriano and Kimberly Brooks offer a look at the product in action from their home studios:

Seasoned professional voice actor and voice specialist, Mara Junot, commented that, “Source-Connect has been a lifesaver for ensuring clear, quality recording sessions for my clients, especially when I’m working on the road. Source-Connect allows me to connect to virtually any studio through the internet and also serves as the best option when I need to bridge access to ISDN…and it’s way more affordable! Best of all, the customer service team at Source Elements is always quickly available and never gives up until any issues are completely resolved.”

Source-Connect 3.7 has built-in support for Pro Tools 10 and is fully compatibility with DAWs that exclusively run VST plug-ins, including Nuendo, Cubase, Fairlight, Pyramix, and others, while still allowing the user to use the existing tools they are already comfortable working with.

Arnold Kaup, CEO of says that, “For me Source-Connect is the most stable IP recording system that exists on the market. Having tasted quite a bunch of different systems, we mostly recommend Source-Connect for professional use. Wherever we can, we use Source-Connect for our voice productions. Our clients and partners from the “ISDN world” appreciate our service of bridging them from ISDN to IP, as we always get a working connection on both sides. The Source-Connect support is great, even as a Windows user, we get fast support and help when having technical problems.”

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