Ford Cares Breast Cancer Warriors in Pink

Did you know that October is a month set aside to raise awareness for Breast Cancer?

There are many people out there doing their part to spread the word, from pink avatars on Twitter to running for a cure and for hope.
I’d like to invite you now to watch a couple of short videos and listen to the messages.
Through your actions, you could help save someone’s life.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a disease that can strike any woman, young or old, married or single. Even if you eat right, exercise or have no family history, all women are at risk.
These aren’t just any women though, they are your mothers, sisters, wives, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and friends.

Warriors In Pink

I found this video featuring Kelly Clarkson for Ford’s Warriors In Pink campaign that aims to raise awareness for Breast Cancer by circulating the web on

While on-camera celebrities are taking part in spreading the message, voice actors are also joining forces with the Warriors In Pink crusade, including Summer James.

Summer James Voice Talent Talent Uses Mic To Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

Voice actress and member of, Summer James, was cast to record a voice over promoting awareness for this form of cancer that aired on Lifetime’s program “Army Wives” and also features prominently on the Ford Motor Company’s website, enlisting supporters for the campaign “Warriors in Pink”.
Summer got the gig through her agent (Leanna Levy of CL INC.) and recorded at a wonderful studio where a director and a host of others offered their input to make sure the voice over was handled properly for this project.

Summer relates, “This particular Voice Over does hold a very special place in my heart because there is NO cancer in my family, normally people are not excited about something that doesn’t affect them personally. I feel that as a woman it is our task to continue to bring awareness to Breast cancer simply because I am so fortunate to have not had to deal with this in my life.

“Once My Grandmother was told she had it and she refused to accept that anything would get her. She attended some treatment and when she went back there was no sign that she EVER had it. The Doctor said he must have incorrectly diagnosed her.
When asked about what others can do to help battle the disease, Summer replied, “It [her grandmother’s brush with cancer] was just a wake up call. One I feel blessed to have received.

This is yours. Support in any way you can, Run, Walk or Talk to help. It’s just that easy and everything makes a difference. Be the change you are seeking.”
You can watch the video Summer narrates called “My Sister, Myself” and also listen to a voice over narrated by a gentleman for the “My Wife, My Life” video here:
Warriors in Pink Video “My Sister, Myself” and “My Wife, My Life”.

Are You Doing Anything For Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Leave a comment to show support or to share what you’ve been up to in the fight against Breast Cancer.
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  1. Two years running I have been the Registration Area Public Address Announcer at the Orange County Race for the Cure (volunteer). I got to say all kinds of fun things like, “Due to insurance regulations, we cannot allow dogs, bicycles, rollerskates, scooters, or shoes with wheels on the race course,” and, “If you registered as part of a team, your team captain should have your number and T-shirt.” Boring general info, in other words. But it needs to be done and helps out a good cause, so I am happy to do it.

  2. Stephanie,
    My wife Jill is a brave soul, and this is her story.
    16 years ago, she was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), which she battles-with every single day.
    In addition, 5 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had an immediate lumpectomy(small lump removed), and is now a 5+ year SURVIVOR.
    We’re thankful for every day, and we both volunteer for many American Cancer Society events. This past weekend, while Jill was volunteering to sign people in at the local Manchester NH “Making strides” walk, I was providing music from the main stage. All told, Manchester raised over $325,000 from the walk.
    There are many, many people who volunteer…so it’s NOT just us…but they ALL should be thanked!
    (And thank YOU for recognizing this terrific month!)

  3. There is an excellent movie on Lifetime (maybe it’s on LMN, I don’t recall) starring Harry Connick Jr. about the development of a breast cancer drug. I highly recommend it. If I remember correctly, it’s called “Living Proof.”
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  4. The headline here and general content of this CBS story in my opinion is taken out of context and rather overstated in comparison to the original article. While it is true that BSGI and PEM have a higher radiation dose than screening mammography and increased attributable risk, the same can be said of a CT of the chest over a 2 view chest x-ray (actually a fairly similar comparison in terms of effective dose and increased risk and ordered thousands of times a day in the U.S.). The subject of attributable risk of cancer from medical imaging procedures is rather complex and not as easily translated as the CBS story presents. I certainly agree with the importance of educating the general public on the risks associated with medical imaging but the patient should discuss the benefits vs risks of each imaging exam with his/her physician and decide accordingly. As with any medical imaging exam that uses ionizing radiation, there are benefits versus risks and when used appropriately, these studies can provide very valuable and important diagnostic information. It would be a shame for a patient to forgo a medically necessary BSGI or PEM because of a fear of the radiation dose and then discover too late a cancer that may have otherwise been detected early on. I think the real take home message of the article should be two fold. First, that physicians be aware of the radiation dose delivered with each exam he/she may order and order appropriately and accordingly. Secondly, that patients be aware of the radiation dose they receive and make decisions in concert with their physician.


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