Vox_Talk_Logo_300.jpgDo you like listening to podcasts?
Well, we’re adding another one to our podcast centre!
Actually, this is really more of a reintroduction. For those of you who have been with us for a number of years you may remember VOX Talk.
We’re bringin’ it back!
On January 2nd, 2007 we launched the very first episode of our weekly in-house podcast VOX Talk. Hosted by Voices.com co-founder and CMO, Stephanie Ciccarelli, the podcast ran for approximately two years with 60 episodes produced.
Due to the rapid growth of Voices.com, finding the time to continue recording the podcast was next to impossible. So the podcast took a sabbatical. Now, five years later, Stephanie is elated to be hosting it again!
Join VOX Daily to learn what the VOX Talk podcast series is all about and how it will serve to help you.

Kicking it off with VOX Talk Episode 61!

In our triumphant return we’re talking audiobooks, Audies and trends in narration. Have a listen below.

Download Podcast Episode 61 »

What’s VOX Talk all About?

VOX Talk presents the opportunity for us to engage with you and the entire community in an interactive, fun and informative way. We’ll provide valuable programming for aspiring talent and pros alike.

“We love keeping in touch with our customers and the voice-over community as a whole,” says Stephanie. “For years, VOX Talk was a staple for many voice actors and served as a venue for communicating important industry topics, for collaboration, and celebration. Breathing new life into this pillar podcast is a great way to keep our team at Voices.com close to our roots as we continue to grow and lead the voice-over marketplace.”
The podcast will feature our perspectives as well as discussions and interviews with other industry experts and on occasion you’ll also hear from Voices.com staff members.
With a run-time of about 8-10 minutes, the show broken up into four segments focused on the industry and the art of voice acting.

  1. The Loop covers headlining industry news and events.
  2. The Biz is where we discuss voice-over tips, how-to’s, and discuss other industry perspectives.
  3. Tech Talk you’ll hear from industry experts on everything to do with the production of voice-overs.
  4. VOX Box is where we feature you, our listeners. Send us your voice-over related questions via MP3. We’ll answer your question and feature your clip on the next show!

Join Us Each Week!

You can listen in by visiting our podcast centre and clicking on the VOX Talk link. Bookmark VOX Talk in your browser, or subscribe for free in iTunes.
For previous VOX Talk subscribers in iTunes:
1) Go iTunes
2) Select “Podcasts”
3) Select “VOX Talk”
4) Toggle to “Feed”
5) Switched everything to On. It may have defaulted to Off.

Are You Interested in Participating?

We’d love to feature you as a VOX Talk Guest!
We’re interested in receiving contributions from voice talent as well as casting directors, producers, audio engineers, and agents. Anyone who is entrenched in the art and craft of audio recording and voice acting is welcome to submit their ideas and audio contributions.
Files should be sent in a high quality MP3 format (192kbps is ideal) and can be emailed to Stephanie Ciccarelli for consideration.
We’re looking forward to bringing you VOX Talk again!
All the best,



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